Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Sick This-And-Thats

There's not been a lot to write about so far this new year, but I've had some unexpected time off work again so why not start complaining typing and see what happens.

I've gone through hundreds of these.  Ick.
  • Last winter I didn't get sick at all.  In fact, I don't think I've been sick in two years - until this winter.  I was sick with a stomach virus (I since learned that stomach flu is not an influenza, but a different virus) a week or two before Christmas and now I have something upper respiratory.  I was miserable Friday, but had no idea I was getting sick.  Waking up Saturday there was no question and I have been absolutely miserable ever since.  It seems to be centered in my right sinus, though both are plugged often.  Breathing has been a struggle.
  • Cold medicine does not work.  I've tried many different kinds over the years to no avail.  Some may work a tiny bit, and I can remember at times thinking that I should remember this particular one - but I never do.  And there's only so many different kinds, anyway.  Still, I take them and hope for the best, but usually you just have to suck it up and let it run its course.  What do you use for a snotty cold?  Does it really work?  Really?
  • Of course, being sick means I have missed more work.  It's been busy so I would rather not miss time but I also wouldn't want to sit next to me, either.  Best to stay home until I can keep all my bodily fluids in check, though I don't want to lose ground at work, either.  There's been talk of me moving up already, not quite six months into my new position.  While I do want that, I wouldn't mind some more time at the level I'm at now.  We'll just have to see what happens in the coming weeks and months.
  • Wow!  I just started typing with my hands in the wrong place and discovered emojis.  Windows key + period = 😎🎶👌👣🦇🥓 and tons more.  Playing with it for a minute shows me that it's a windows thing, not just in blogger.  Not that I'm a big emoji guy, but how come I never knew about this before?  Did you?
  • Now I forgot what I was going to say, so let's go with weather.  We've been relatively warm for January here, with no snowfall.  A week or so ago it rained and melted most all we had, so it is very gray and brown outside these days, not pretty.  On the upside, no shoveling, snowblowing or salting has been needed.  In fact, if the weather stays similar, the ground stays firm and once I feel a bit better then it may be time for a winter fire pit!
Okay, that's enough typing.  Actually, I don't feel well and want to wrap this up.  If you were paying attention, I asked a couple questions above.  Leave me a comment below, I've got plenty of time to read them as I'm just sitting home sick - if you haven't heard.  😩🤧

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Latest Listening Pleasure 32 - Scum Of The Earth

Last year I heard Scum of the Earth's 2012 release, The Devil Made Me Do It.  I had no idea who they were, and though I liked it I was very much listening to other things at the time.  Late last fall I listened to it again and really liked what I heard so I dove in head first to learn more about them and would up getting everything else they've released as well.  Even now I am still very much listening and enjoying it all, thus they are my latest listening pleasure!

Scum of the Earth, or SotE, is essentially guitarist and reluctant singer Mike Riggs.  Riggs was the guitarist in Rob Zombie's first solo band after White Zombie and before Zombie took a break to make some movies.  The resemblance is certainly there, musically and visually.  SotE is kind of like a poor man's Rob Zombie.  SotE may be a little darker where Rob Zombie is a little more cartoonish.  That's the best, briefest description I can give.  It's just the heavy guitar riffs, dark lyrics and industrial, sometimes electronic sound that seems to appeal to me here.  Greatly.

Riggs and SotE have released 3 full length CDs, in 2004, 2007 and 2012, with just a single released in late 2017 (aside from the streaming-only Munsters theme song, also released late 2017).  Not as much as I want, but the heavy grooves and chug-chug-chug guitars make me want to Death Stomp, despite my age and the fact I would get killed in a mosh pit these days.

I don't know how active a band SotE ever was, and they don't seem very active now, touring or otherwise.  And I know I've delved into the past on this one, but there's not a ton of stuff about them on Youtube to find.  Well, I'm very aware of Riggs and SotE now, so if they come up with anything new I will find it.  Rock on, Riggs.

Scum of the Earth - Dance Motherfucker

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