Thursday, July 30, 2009


And as I just mentioned it last night, here is a little snippet of the Netherlands (again thanks Attu).

Keep in mind, the Netherlands is only about 16 million people.
Good Night.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Care Reform

There's been alot of talk of President Obama's Health Care Reform lately.

Here's an alternate view, via Attu.

"Health care may be the number one issue at the moment in America. Those who are left-of-center favor a “single payer” model, in which the federal government creates a new and frighteningly strong power as the keeper of the nation’s health. Those right-of-center want to keep the present system, which demands from the (lower) middle classes excessive chunks of their income.

"Is there a third way? Is it possible for a mature and self-conscious society to organize national health care without unnecessarily limiting the freedoms of both the healthy and the sick?

"Yes, it exists. The third way is the Dutch way — a functioning and greatly performing model that is regarded at the moment as the best answer to the question of universal health care."

I found it an interesting read. I've become partial to The Netherlands, actually. It always sounded like it would be more relaxed and a happier existence there. Then again, I only read what I click on, so further research would be required. But why spoil a fantasy?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Favre Out

BREAKING NEWS (if you care...)

Brett Favre say he will stay retired. Season hasn't started yet. And either way, the talk of it will permeate at least the early part of the season. Hopefully it won't linger, it will be let go.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Happenings

Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope you are having a good weekend.

Mrs. Scoakat is on the boat today. I stayed back to do a few small projects around here. We are having a little get-together for friends soon, so there some things we want to take care of before then. I got a light fixture replaced today, among other little things. Two trips to Ace Hardware! But I forgot money each time so got halfway there and had to turn around. Oh well, it's only Sunday traffic, so not so bad. I think we found a very nice house. Smaller, yes. Older, yes. But the condition of the place is wonderful. Of course there's always small projects on my list but all are small and nothing is urgent. Thankfully, this house has been kept up very well over the years by the prior owner and her family.

I moved the catbox down 1 step again. It is now down 3 steps for her. She handled two for a couple weeks, so I hope she just deals with it easily. We took down the sheets on either side of the staircase about a week ago. First on one side and a couple days later the other side. I was getting tired of them and my wife thought they had no effect one way or the other to the cat. She seemed to be right, the cat didn't get fazed as far as I can tell. I also moved a night light closer to the catbox for her. The big palm tree pot is still covered in aluminum foil, just in case, of course.

The Brewers just lost - again. They're breaking my heart.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


When I come across something like this I can just keep watching video after video. I got my Andrew Bird tickets recently, so I'm sure I'll have a post on him in a month or so. But, hmm dinner's ready, I lost my train of thought. Watch this:

I was a little young to enjoy Slade properly, most of their songs I heard first as covers by so many other bands. But I have heard the originals and love them even more.

Got to go now, corn on the cob tonight!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lazy post, I've been boring...

... so let me share this video. I don't know where it's from but its just, well, right!

Warning: Language

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I just found out....

...and I'm crushed. From

Confirmed: Westwood One To Discontinue O'Meara - 7/14 - DCRTV's reported rumblings that the Mike O'Meara (right) show will not only be yanked from CBS's WJFK when it flips to sports talk later this month, but will also no longer be syndicated nationwide by Westwood One. Now we hear this from the Facebook of KCJJ in Iowa City, Iowa, a longtime "Don And Mike Show" and Mike O'Meara affiliate in Iowa City: "We received notice from Westwood One that the Mike O'Meara will be rerun for the next 30 days and then will be no more. KCJJ is hopeful the show will be able to find a new home soon and be available to us again. A special goodbye segment that was taped earlier may be run this Friday. We will carry the show until the network stops sending it. CBS Radio sucks. And they can go to hell. And they suck!".....

O'Meara's Taped Farewell To Air 3 Times Friday - 7/15 - DCRTV gets confirmation that Mike O'Meara did tape a short farewell message that will air on his final WJFK (106.7 FM) show on Friday. It'll run at the start of the 3 PM show, at 5 PM, and again at 7 PM, at the end of the show. O'Meara's show is in reruns this week, and he is away, on vacation. DCRTV hears that O'Meara remains under contract to JFK's owner, CBS Radio, at least through the end of 2009. No word about the employment fates of his longtime afternoon drive crew - Robb Spewack, Buzz Burbank, Beth Ann McBride, and Joe Ardinger.....

Me again. I hope he gets picked up by somebody else. I listen to the whole 4 hour show (minus commercials) every morning via podcast. Big Bummer.

The Ides of July

Ides - (ahydz) or (īdz) -noun (used with a singular or plural verb) (in the ancient Roman calendar) the fifteenth day of March, May, July, or October, and the thirteenth day of the other months.

Just a small update. Only small things have happened.

We did go out on the boat last weekend. It was a disappointingly short trip, though. There was a bit of a breeze, so we were only out there for an hour. I was around boats quite a bit it seems when I was young. There is much I remember, but it is hard for me to convey what I know to a boatload of independent women!

Alot of big trees around. Almost every day, it seems, I'm scouring the yard to pick up all the sticks. Especially after a storm or even a windy day.

I am very grateful for the few years I worked at Ace Hardware. I learned alot then that I need to know now. Yet somehow I always considered myself more of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. Or more aptly, a rough carpenter, not a finish carpenter. Anyway, Ace is my favorite place these days! (Even though I no longer get the employee discount I still received until about 2 weeks ago!)

GO BREWERS! (They need the help)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Go Prez O!


We are only human, after all.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cat and Weekend

Well, it has been a relatively uneventful week here. We did move the cat box down another step last weekend. She was reluctant, but is coming around. Getting the cat box down to the bottom of the stairs may be a longer process than I originally thought.

I'm not sure what we'll be doing this weekend yet. I have a feeling we'll be back on the lake, though. The weather is supposed to be very agreeable this weekend. If not I'm sure we'll figure something out, maybe a picnic by the lake. There's a park just a short drive away that I'd like to see sooner than later. There's a whole new neighborhood and new side of town to get to know yet! All in due time, I guess.

I hope you have a good weekend!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

U.D.O. Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth! We spent yesterday afternoon on the boat having fun, but today is pretty much a day off. I thought about washing my truck, and there is planting to do, but the mosquitoes have come to life! It has been a cool, calm, cloudy day and they seem to be thriving. Oh well, I'll just have to put my feet up for a while... maybe it'll be more favorable tomorrow. I hope so, I do want to get the lawn mowed before the weekend is over.

I do have pics from yesterday, but even though no one objected when I said I may post one on the internet, I feel funny doing so. I haven't posted my picture, so why someone else? I have to learn how to black out faces correctly or something, maybe.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Favre, still out there

I'm loving all the t-shirt stuff like this. Like I've said before, I'm going to enjoy the sideshow. I know how opinions have become very divided among Packer fans everywhere. Thompson kicked him out! Favre is too wishy washy! Blah, blah, blah.
I guess I look at it logically (for me anyway), and as a fan of the NFL, not just a player fan. I know my brother is a big Favre/Packer fan. I'm not sure what side of the fence he is on here though.
I found this article by Dave Myers of the LaCrosse Tribune that I pretty much agree with wholeheartedly:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grandmas are more fun than Ipod Surgery

Hello, I'm still here, just haven't posted lately. If I miss over a week then there may be a problem, but until that happens all is well. I do have a few things to say, just waited to say it, I guess.

I did go down and see grandmotherL this past Saturday. My Sis and her kids, J & L, came with me. It was a fine drive until we got lost. We were both unfamiliar with the newer road, so wound up going just a little out of our way. Despite being a little late, grandmotherL was right there to greet us as we arrived. We went out to eat at a cafe in town and enjoyed catching up. When it came time to pay the check, I fully intended to get it. GrandmotherL would have none of it. I stopped my protestations when she finally said "Shut Up!" She's almost 90. I did as she said. Turns out she had a 50 dollar gift card to use. Half of it went to our dinner, while I insisted at least I could leave the tip. She did let me do that (I left $3.95 - I don't know why I remember). After dinner we went back to her place and continued our visit for another hour or more. I think we all had a real good time. I am very glad my Sis and her kids accompanied me, though. More people help keep the conversation going. J & L were very well behaved. Even back at grandma's house where there wasn't much for them to do while the adults talked.

I just got done with ipod surgery a bit ago. Last week I was losing a channel in my headphones, the ipod jack was going bad. This has happened before, so I knew what to do. I ordered the part right away and it arrived this afternoon. I already had a new battery to install as well so I did it all in one shot. I'm getting to be an old hand at this. I've replaced a video screen, 3 jacks and hold buttons (1 piece), and a battery. Not all on my own ipod, of course. If you got a 5th gen video ipod that needs fixing we could work something out!

I'm not sure what we're going to do yet this 4th of July weekend, there are no plans set in stone. I love hanging around our new house, but I would like to get out a little if the weather's nice. Even if it's just a fast food picnic by the lake. How about you, any plans? Share in the comments.