Saturday, November 30, 2013

Latest Listening Pleasure 14... In This Moment*

I've been debating myself as to whether In This Moment would be my next LLP post or not.  Then I thought of my Paramore LLP post and what shite that full album turned out to be (for my tastes, anyway).  In This Moment doesn't have much more of a history as a band, but they do have heavier songs and have turned my head and perked my ears lately.  Actually, I may remember hearing the song 'Blood' on local hard rock radio sometime in the past year.  If so, it was purely incidental.  I am not a regular radio listener and haven't been in a very long time.  What gets played on the local hard rock radio station these days doesn't interest or influence me significantly.  The internet is where I find all my new sounds these days, the possibilities are so much greater and global than just what some corporate controlled program director thinks we should all like.  Most times I find something very very new, like the last LLP - Hyrax, and sometimes I'm a little late to the party, this album 'Blood' was released in August of 2012.

In This Moment's current stage show does make me think of 'pop metal.'  I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to see Britney Spears or a similar pop diva do something like this live.  Then again, maybe they do now, I don't pay attention.  They use the latest fad of 'mini-stages-on-the-big-stage' thing like I know Zombie and Manson do now (WASP has been standing on equipment crates since the early eighties), and dreadlocks and skulls are everywhere.  I do like the singer and her voice on most of the songs on the album.  But I also can't help but find myself thinking if this is what Christina Aguilera would be if she were more metal.  All in all, very good performances - if a bit dramatic at times - on the album.   Just my two cents, though.

I don't know if you know what I mean, or if  I  you even care.  It caught my attention, maybe it will catch yours.  I like In This Moment right now and have been enjoying listening to their 2012 album 'Blood' enough lately to make it officially my Latest Listening Pleasure.

And no, it did not hit me like a wrecking ball, but sometimes it strangely - and somewhat uncomfortably - reminds me of one.  Give 'em a listen for yourself!

In This Moment - Blood

In This Moment - Whore (Live, just two nights ago!)

*Update 11/30. 11:37 pm. I saw the below posted today on Blabbermouth.  It confirms that I had heard of them before, among other things.  I am not aware of any release date yet.

IN THIS MOMENT professionally filmed its May 21 concert in Madison, Wisconsin for the group's first-ever live DVD.  IN THIS MOMENT has partnered up with longtime supporter, radio station WJJO, as part of their Mayday Maylay concert series. The band had a bunch of surprises in store for this show, including rarely played songs from their catalog and an all-new stage show created specifically for this concert.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wabbits and a Wazy Homeowner

20131128 007
I know I have noticed more rabbits each of the past few years, but what the hell?  We got our first snow cover early this week and in just a couple days it seems that there was some kind of Bunny Hop in the back yard.  Seriously, how many can there really be?

I wanted to take a picture but I didn't want to get caught and have to explain myself - but I swear there are bunny tracks on my neighbor's garage roof!

Speaking of roofs, I have not cleaned the leaves out of the gutters yet.  I don't think they're as filled as they have been in the past thanks to some very windy stretches, yet it has still been foremost in my mind.  But something always seemed to come up.  First it was that all the leaves weren't down yet.  (Our big ole silver maple seems to hold its leaves longer than the other nearby trees.)  Then, this day coming up should be good - and it rains - or snows.  Only fifteen minutes of daylight when we get home from work.  Oops, too much drink during the football game.  I can't today, my back is killing me....  You name it.  Now it appears time to do it, if it is to get done at all before spring.  We have a couple relatively good days ahead, and it shall get done.  The house is the priority, the porch gutters may wait until spring if necessary, but there is no heat on the porch therefore no melting out there.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

All pics via Jonco over at B&P!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wind Map

I found this site a while ago and this time of year it is interesting to look at on those blustery days.

Go to this Wind Map here.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

This And Thats

I have been rather preoccupied by work and life recently so I haven't been doing a whole lot of writing here.  I do make an effort to post something occasionally, even if I have nothing to say.  But eventually I feel I must write, so I guess that means it's time again to start typing and see what happens...

-I am in training again at work.  This position is two pay grades higher, but stability and happiness would mean more to me.  Maybe this will be it for a while.

-For the first time ever we are planning a winter getaway for a few days, down to the gulf coast of Alabama thanks to my Mom and her husband Dan.  They will be spending quite some time down there over the winter and have been nice enough to invite all their kids and their families to join them at some point.  Ahhh, escape...

-We're still loving the new windows.  We really like how efficient they will be this winter, and they give the house a much better look, inside and out (see two posts ago).

-Fall chores are almost done.  Leaves have been mulched and put in all the flower beds.  The few leaves left on the lawn I will mulch with the mower when I run that out of gas for the winter.  The house is washed but could use a touch up here and there.  The gutters have yet to be cleaned, hopefully we'll have a dry, mild day next weekend.  And I may want to test the snow thrower soon.

-It's getting to be a good time of year for sports.  Football is still in full swing, hockey and basketball seasons are getting started, and the never-ending baseball season is over!  Who won?  Who cares, it sure as hell wasn't the Brewers.  Go Packers!  Go Badgers!

Well, that's all I can think of right now.  Maybe I'll update later if I think of something else.  For now, I have the La-Z-Boy, a football game and the Sunday paper beckoning.  PTFO

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 2013

Saturday, November 9, 2013

New Windows and a New Outlook*

 20131107 005 b

20131105 034 b
The cosmetics have changed a bit, for the better, we think.  We really like the black cladding around the windows.  Inside, the windows are wood grain that matches the trim throughout the house.  These windows are clearer, easier to clean and much more efficient.

It's a lot of money to spend and not have anything to play with.  Heck, we hardly even see them.  These shorter days have blinds shut and curtains drawn so early.  Still, we're glad we got them and should never have to replace them again.

Now we want a new front screen door and porch light, black to match.  We could also repaint the foundation and hand rails.  But I shouldn't get ahead of myself, there will always be something.

*The 'new outlook' reference in the title refers to a recent abrupt change in my career path. Not changing employment, just departments.  And still upward, just not the route I foresaw.  Unfortunately this all came under, well, I shall say odd, awkward and unforeseen circumstances. Boy, it's a good thing this blog isn't about work!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Follow My Blog... FREE!

Shameless self-promotion?  Nah.  But I did think it was cute and wanted to test if I could post gifs again because they didn't work for a time.  Via Joanne Casey.  Cheers!