Friday, October 4, 2013

Latest Listening Pleasure - 13... Hyrax

Hyrax - Over The Edge, released today.
Something caught me, I'm not sure what it was - the name, the description, maybe (not likely) the album cover.

Anyway, it caught my interest long enough for me explore them a bit more via the interwebs and youtube.  This is actually how I find most of the music I listen to these days.  I look around at what's out there - and in this global internet there is a lot of music out there - and occasionally I find something that I find greatly appealing to my eclectic (read: odd, heavy-ish and sometimes unexplainable) tastes in music.  Of course, 9 out of 10 of my inquiries range from music that I will never listen to again to good but forgettable stuff.  Then there is the occasional hit, that rare kind of sound that seems to really grab you.  You know that feeling, or at least I hope you do.

I've listened to the Hyrax album at least a couple times a day all week now, and I really like what I hear.  Hyrax's album, Over The Edge, is their first as far as I can tell.  I believe there are two EP's that they released since 2011, but I can't find them in a cursory internet search.  There also isn't much of this band on youtube, most of it can be found on their channel here.  No wiki page yet, but I believe they are from Germany.  And they're kids.  They gotta be, look at them.  Pick any two and they may not total my age.  *Sigh.*  Actually they remind me of when I found out about CKY, in fact I see quite a few similarities, except that when I found out about CKY they had a few albums for me to look back to and enjoy while this is, as far as I can tell, Hyrax's first full length release.

This first video, Desire, is similar to the second, I Never Thought, in that he has the aggressive-but-not-quite-cookie-monster vocal.  On the album, which is bookended by these songs, they actually come across with a good mix of this aggressiveness but also some harmonies that work well and set up the next aggressive verse - it all works very well.  I also like how they chose to film their two official videos, below, both are single camera, one take shots.  The first appears to be the first single, but I may like the second better.

Okay, enough review, check it out if you're intrigued - like I was.   NSFW (language)

Hyrax - Desire

Hyrax - I Never Thought

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Soil - The Hate Song

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