Monday, July 29, 2013

5SF - Butts

No gumption to write anything yet, really, so this seemed good to me.
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lazy Summer Weekend

Today has been the laziest day I have had of the summer this year.  I slept in late, read the paper and surfed the internet all while fighting going back to sleep, until I finally gave in and napped this afternoon.  Now I'm up, still feeling lazy, and it is raining outside for the first good rainfall in over a week. 

Yesterday I was a bit lazy later in the day, but I did manage to clean my car inside and out.  My wife has not been lazy this weekend at all, just me.  The lack of rain, and until yesterday the very hot temperatures, have put off any lawn activity.  It has been 10 days since I have mowed and there is weed killer I wish to use, but the ground has just been too dry.  This rain should help get things straight again.

Yes, I'm bored and lazy today.  This post is drivel but I haven't posted in a week so I wanted to get something out there.  Sometimes a lazy day is just what is needed, I think I'll get back to that now.  PTFO

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pruning, Trimming and Learning

cr la 20130714 002cr lc 20130714 006I've had to research the topic of pruning and trimming lately.  I've done some since we moved in, but not as much as I have this year.  While I think I'm managing the lilac bush pretty well, and the already overgrown burning bush is going to be a work in progress for a few years if it going to stay, the bushes out front, arborvitae, are different.  From what I have learned after searches on the internet, late June to early July is the time to prune - remove branches, and trim - even out the ends of the branches, for this type of bush.  Sounds easy, but to do it right for the look you want then you have to know how to go about doing that, and I didn't know.

These bushes get pummeled with snow and beat down every winter,  then take months to recover with a little of my help.  I've been thinking of different preventative things I can do to lessen that next season.  In the springs I have tied them back up into a bush shape, and they were tied with nylons when we bought the house.  The support helps them, I guess, because I removed all ties in the plants before I trimmed and pruned today.  The 'after' shots in this post are all natural, nothing is tied.
cr ra 20130714 001cr rc 20130714 007
This is the project that I did today, and while I think it looks a lot better than before, they could look better.  Trimming is the easy part, the necessary pruning is a little harder.  Dead branches are easy to spot and prune, it is harder to cut off a live branch to thin out the plant and hope you don't accidentally leave a gaping hole.  From what I learned, the inside of the plant should be able to get some sun and air.  You're supposed to be able to see through the bush somewhat.

I'll probably touch up a spot here and there over the next few days as the plants settle, but I think they are done for now.  I'm sure I could have pruned more but I was afraid of over pruning these shrubs in front of our house, unlike when I pruned the burning bush in the back, anyway.

I know, fascinating, right?

RIP Grandma W

My maternal grandmother passed away last Tuesday morning at age 87.  She was a kind, church-going woman that raised 9 children, had 19 grandchildren and 36 great-grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by her husband in 1998.

My grandmother was very active in the church, and when I say active I mean besides her family the church was her life, all her life, every day.  She was especially partial to the rosary and I'm sure she said it several times a day.  The wake was Friday afternoon and evening, followed by the last viewing at the funeral home, the mass and funeral at the church, the burial at the cemetery,  and the luncheon at the local catholic grade school afterwards on Saturday.

No need for condolences, I did love her but I live a distance away and we were not very close.  In fact, due to her religious convictions - and willingness to share whether it was wanted or not - I actually avoided her sometimes when I was younger.  I have a rant about the catholics bouncing around in my head, but that is for another time.  Rest in peace, grandma.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Holiday and Party Last Week

It has been a bit of an odd week, ending on an odd note that I may post about later.  Temperatures have been very warm to very hot and humid, though the humidity broke yesterday for some relief.  Work has been busy, still playing catch-up a bit from the holiday last week.  And speaking of catch-up and the holiday, I have been too lazy about posting, but the 'diary writer' in me is making me post these now.

20130704 050b

We spent the afternoon of the Fourth out on a friends boat, above.  It was a beautiful day for it so there were tons of boats in the 'party cove,' only a fraction that you can see here.  While it was fun it only stays fun sitting there for a couple hours then I'm ready to go in, and I was ready by the time they were.  It's kind of weird how just sitting on a boat in the sun can tire one out.

Two days later, last Saturday night, we had friends over for a fire pit party.  Just for the heck of it - and also to try to get rid of some of the beers and boozes that have been accumulating around here lately.  I'd say it was mostly a success, but there are still leftovers for the next one!  We are now mostly out of firewood until more branches fall or I buy some.  I see fallen branches put out along the streets all the time, I may start snagging some of them for firewood.  The mosquitoes were horrendous this evening, too, but became manageable with repellants and yard spray.  Everyone seemed to have fun, I know I did by how bad I felt the next day, but it was nice to stay in bed until noon!  I can't remember the last time that happened..  PTFO

20130706 026b

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Scale of the Universe 2

Way back whenever I posted an interesting find called The Scale of the Universe.  Today I came across The Scale of the Universe 2.  Click the Pic... and gain some perspective.

Thanks Jonco

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Story Of The First Raspberry

This is the story of Kate's first raspberry from the garden, captured in pictures on Wednesday evening.  This all happened in easily less than a minute.

First, here is my lovely wife showing off the first berry.  Notice the dark spot under her palm.
20130704 001

Now, here is a close-up of the lightning bug first raspberry in her hand.
20130704 002

The raspberry after the "There's a bug on my hand!" freak out. Straight down, center.
20130704 003

And the remorse of dropping your first homegrown raspberry to the ground after showing it off.
20130704 004

Of course, the raspberry was washed and enjoyed by her in the end.  It was just so funny how it happened and I kept snapping away, taking pictures.  We had a pretty good laugh about it. Posted with my wife's permission, of course.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day 2013

Which countries have a Fourth of July?   One - the United States?  No - they all do!  Yuk yuk.

But it is a celebrated holiday here in the U.S.  We have plans both at and away from home today, a bit busy, but it should be a pretty good day.  I'll probably post more later if it turns out to be worthwhile.  Wherever you are and whatever you happen to be doing today - barbecuing, playing, picnicking, visiting, boating, swimming, drinking, shopping, yardwork, housework, spending hours on the computer or just vegging in front of the TV (or any combination of the above and more) - I really hope you enjoy the holiday!  The next work holiday isn't until Labor Day, September 2.  After that?  Late November.  Sigh.  PTFO