Thursday, June 27, 2013

Latest Listening Pleasure... KISS

My latest listening pleasure is also my oldest and dearest listening pleasure, the band KISS.   I have been a fan since I first found out about the band, probably 1975 or 76 when I could still count my age on my fingers.  Recently I found a podcast about all things Kiss called 3 Sides of the Coin which brought me back to the band that started it all for me.  When I was a kid I collected everything Kiss that I could get my hands on, which was mostly second hand albums and posters bought with my weekly allowance or traded for other things that are important to a kid that age.  I still have one of my Kiss posters, the first Kiss poster, now framed and on my wall almost 40 years later.  As I was growing up I completed my album collection and still collected all things Kiss that I could manage, but I did soon see that getting everything was an impossible task so I had to pick and choose with the little resources I had.
Kiss' first official poster, 1975

In drafting this post I tried to remember all the times that I saw Kiss live, which didn't come easy to my rusty little brain.  I came up with 10 times that I can for sure recall and I know I'm forgetting and just can't place some others.  For a long time I went to see them whenever they were in Wisconsin, but over time it became less of a priority and/or they just came around less.  Now, if given the chance, I would go see them if they came to town again, but I do not wish to travel to Milwaukee, Lacrosse, or even Alpine Valley anymore unless I expect something amazing will happen.  They're getting old, Gene Simmons is overexposed, Paul Stanley can't hit the notes anymore and Tommy Thayer just bugs me (fake Ace).  The new 'spider' stage set looks pretty good, though, and about time, too.  A couple tours ago they were using Justin Bieber's old stage set!  The 'spider' set is more like it - and original to Kiss.  Yes, if they came to town I would go, but it may not be quite the event it once was for me.

Years ago I started to try to get all the albums on cd but never did finish, everything was going digital so the cds that I had just sat on a shelf.  Eventually I gave many to my nephew (though he should share with his sister) since he was becoming a young fan, including the most recent releases.  I haven't given the music much of a chance since 'Psycho Circus' came out, but listening to 3 sides of the Coin has given me a new perspective and I have been enjoying catching up lately.  Up next is a new video from their newest album, 'Monster.'

Kiss - Right Here Right Now (Lyric Video)

Kiss is out on tour now supporting their newest release.  U.S. dates may not happen until fall or else next year, though.  Well, that's what Youtube is for these days.  Here's a pretty good high quality video from a couple weeks ago.  Enjoy!

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