Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Notes

I noticed that I have been lacking posts the last few days.  My back has still been a bother so I have just been surviving the daily grind, is all.   Today my wife and I got a lot of chores and errands done, as well as meeting up with my Mom and her fiance, Dan, for lunch.  Mom always wants to go to a certain italian restaurant every time she talks about meeting us for lunch.  Instead, I suggested a local family-run restaurant/bar that my wife and I enjoy nearby.  I think they thought it was a fine lunch.  Even though this place does have a varied menu, it does lean more towards breakfast and dinner.  They do serve most dinners all day, but we mostly opted for burgers (always good) for lunch. 

My wife and I have been there plenty of times for lunch, a couple times for breakfast on Saturdays, but have never gone in the evening for dinner or drinks.  Still, they recognize us by now so it is a friendly, local place to go...  and we do need to get out more often.  There are several places we would like to check out on this side of town, yet never get up the gumption to do it.  We don't really have a night life like we did 10 years ago.

I guess I'm getting old, lazy, or both.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This has been making the rounds lately.  I wasn't going to post it until I saw Joanne post it and, well, I had nothing else to say today.  As for the video, I keep thinking that I could do the makeup better - unless I had to do it on myself.  If he did his makeup himself with a mirror then he deserves his kudos.  Rock and Roll!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Acts Of Reality

Tom Reynolds Brian Kellett has quit his job as an EMT/Ambulance Driver in London to move into a position as an Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner at a hospital.  I have been reading his blog, Random Acts Of Reality, about his life on an ambulance in London and more for a very long time.  It is one of the first and longest followed blogs that I read, if that makes sense.  I wish him the best of luck and will continue to follow his blog!  Give him a visit to hear his reasons for the career change.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Thanks Joanne!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back in Action, Or Not.

Well, that didn't take long.  Starting Tuesday my upper back started locking up on me.  No worries, I had some medicine and finally got the muscle relaxers I needed this afternoon.  Most importantly I haven't needed to miss any time at work and now with the right meds tomorrow should be an okay day.  So until I have something more important to post, why don't you check out our garden here (or on the right).  We just picked the garlic!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pic Dump 17

Well, I survived the first day back after vacation.  Sigh.  My work atmosphere won't change so my attitude must.  Same bullspit - different day, everywhere, for all of us in one way or another.  So it must be time to regurgitate all the pics that have caught my eye recently for one reason or another.  As always, discretion is advised after the break.  Enjoy!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vacation, The Last Few Days

Thursday and Friday were much like Monday,  I didn't do too much other than listen to the radio and watch some podcasts live.  I did manage to do the last big thing on my to-do list for this week, clean screens and windows.  I started right after Kate went to work on Friday morning.  I got the three windows done that we always have open but the rest weren't dirty enough to spend my time on.  Besides, it was getting pretty warm out there by then. 

Today is Saturday.  I just got back from running a few errands so I don't have to leave the house tomorrow, my last day away from work.  It was nice to take the time for myself this past week.  I was able to get enough done to not feel guilty for the times I was lazy and indulged in mindless radio shows and podcasts.  Starting next week, I won't be able to listen to near as much as I have this week, which is probably a good thing.  My OCD tendencies make me wish I could listen to everything done by Don Geronimo or Mike O'Meara, but reality hits Monday morning. 

Kate is out on the boat with all the smokers today, so this is really the last of my time off right now, this moment.  I am glad I took this vacation, but now I am sad it is over.  Oh well, maybe I'll get to do this again in a year or two...

I was relaxing on the porch and messing around with video on our dinosaur camera when my wife got home from work yesterday.  I knew she would be home soon, but I wasn't expecting her yet. (She said she left a few minutes early.)  Here's that bad video below: (Edit: Video is now viewable, settings are corrected.)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation, Day 5: The Garage

I slept past 7 this morning, only with the help of taking a sleeper last night.  Why can't I ever sleep 8 straight hours?  Oh well, that's another post.  I managed to take my time getting up, though.  This morning I finished my Grandma post and set about getting the garage in order by about by about 10:00.  I stopped only twice before wrapping it up after 5:00 tonight.  I had to take my truck in for a repair at 12:30 at a nearby shop.  It took about an hour so I waited across the street and got lunch at a local bar/restaurant that we have been patronizing since we moved into the neighborhood.  The second time was just to update my podcasts so I could continue listening outside.

It was a warm and humid one today, yet I had a great day organizing our garage!  I had a general plan of what I wanted to do, and this is pretty much it.  We have a lot of stuff in the garage still, but now it looks like it belongs there.  Just compare it to earlier pics.

I will post all my pics today in the order I took them after the break, but here is a good view of it when I was wrapping up:

Now I just have to find a home for this stuff.  I think the box shelves will be going in the basement and I want to find someplace outside to keep the wood from the Easter Sunday limb that fell.  The wheelbarrow will hang in the back right as it did before.

Vacation, Day 4: Grandmas

I got up today (Tuesday) at the same time as yesterday, 4:15 a.m.  So much for sleeping in on my vacation...  Anyway, I got to my sister's house by 8 and we were at Grandma W's house about 9:00 a.m. I hear that she hasn't been much for eating lately, so my Sis suggested taking donuts to get her to eat something.  She did eat and also we got her to walk up and down the block for some exercise so she couldn't use our visit as an excuse not to do it.  Mostly, we sat out on her front porch and talked about anything she wanted to.  I actively tried to get her to talk about her life and family because I'm not sure I will see her again.

This is the sad part, kinda.  Grandma W is 84.  She did say that she is ready, ready to die in not so many words.  She has some bad health problems and just seemed tired and, well, ready.  I'm not sure how much attention my Sis's kids paid to their great grandmother, but I don't think they will have her much longer.  All in all not a bad or depressing visit, though.  I do appreciate talking to her now more than when I was just one of the screaming grandkids in the house.

A bit after 11:00 we said our goodbyes and went across town to visit Grandma L.  She seems to get around a little better so we took her out to lunch at the only restaurant in town that isn't also a bar.  After that, back to her apartment for more conversation.  Again I was trying to get her to talk about her life and family.  I was the first grandchild for her, so my Sis says I'm her favorite and she may be right.  She does seem excited to see me and talk to me.

Grandma L just turned 91 last week.  She said many of the same type of things Grandma W did.  She is ready.  She even has her funeral planned.  I was a bit surprised when she asked me to be a pallbearer, but I said I would be honored. 

The impression I got was that though I may be lucky to still have both my grandmothers at my age, neither may be with us by next year.  I'd like to be wrong, but they do seem to be more than ready, knowing their time is short.  I love you, both!

Before we got back to my Sis's house we stopped by my Mom's work to say hi.  Sis wanted me to go in first, so I strode in and pounded on the counter, mischieviously.  My mom looked up surprised, but with no real recognition until she saw my Sis behind me.  I think I caught her totally off guard! After a short visit we went back to Sis's house.  I thanked them all for coming with me, the kids were very well behaved as always.

Once we were back the kids got in the pool and I wished I had brought my trunks!  Oh well, it was best I get back before the busy part of rush hour anyway.  A good day overall, just a bit mentally tiring.  Thank you Kelly, James, and Lindsey!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pic Dump 16 - Bacon

I'm a bit tired with all the travel, play, and visiting all day today.  My day 4 vacation post will be posted tomorrow, that will give me time to rest and reflect on a good day with both of my elderly grandmothers.  In the meantime, this is for you...
For a while now I have been saving up bacon related pics that I happen across during my internet travels.  None of these pics were sought out, no searches were made.  These were found randomly in my visits to good sites like the ones I list on the right.   While there's not as many pics as a usual picdump I thought I had enough bacon pics to post (Read: I'm tired of collecting them).  Oh, just as a regular Pic Dump post, discretion may be advised after the break.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation, Day 3: A Change In Plans

This morning I woke up about 4:15 a.m.  Crazy, right?  Actually not very unusual, when I'm not on vacation my alarm is set for 4:51 normally.  The first second thing on my mind was The Kirk McEwen and Mike O'Meara Show.   It runs 4 - 8 a.m. my time, so there was going to be at least one morning that I got up early to check it out.  I sleepily decided that today was the day. 

My wife left for work about 7 and after the show was over I just putzed around on the internet, showered, and washed dishes.  When I looked at the clock and it was almost 10:00 a.m., I remembered that The Mike O'Meara Show podcast streams video live on Ustream for an hour.  So most all morning I spent listening and watching the same DJ live - in real time, which I never usually have a chance to do.

By this time the day can go 2 different ways.  Either I could jump into action and start working in the garage or I could relax, read the paper, and get some other little things done then listen to The Don Geronimo Show live at 2 to 6 p.m.  The radiophile in me won out.  I ended up listening to over 8 hours worth of shows today.  Not much accomplished, but I had a nice time relaxing.

Tomorrow I will be traveling with my sister and her kids down to see both of our grandmothers (the kids great-grandmothers!).  I'll try to recap that tomorrow night.  Now, the pizza is on its way so Good Night!

The Kirk McEwen and Mike O'Meara Show

Just a promo vid:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation, Days 1 and 2

Day 1, Saturday.  It did not yet feel like I was on vacation.  It mostly felt like a weekend, like it always does.  That said, Friday was a total joke for me at work.  I only did some work to pass the time, otherwise I giddily screwed around like I never ever do.  For some reason I felt like I deserved to, that one day.  Saturday morning I went grocery shopping and my wife cleaned the house top to bottom.  We grilled out cheeseburgers for lunch and I visited a buddy for an hour or two that afternoon.  Then we stayed home and relaxed all night.  Pretty much regular weekend stuff.

Day 2, Today, Sunday.  It has sunk in that I don't have a 'Monday morning' coming up.  I mowed the lawn this morning, before it got too hot.  Mosquitoes are in season so I was all sprayed up with repellant, still got bit about 4-5 times.  A shower staight away when I was done seemed to help the itching while getting rid of the layer of repellant.

I knew the Brewers played the Pirates at 1:10 in the afternoon so I figured that was a good time to listen to the game and get the workbench assembled.  Time to finally put these pieces of wood together and make something useful!

This pic is after the second time I had to stop and spray 'Yard Guard' in the garage to keep the mosquitoes out.  Don't worry, I gave it plenty of time to settle before I went in there to breathe it in.  These are the sides modified with my own legs for the bench.  My custom legs are 10 inches longer than the ones that came with it.  I'm tall and I don't like to bend over.  If 10 inches is deemed too much later, I can trim the bottoms some.
It's starting to take shape now that I have it standing, still alot of crawling around to screw in all the bottom shelf planks.

At this point I had to run to the hardware store for another phillips bit for my drill.  The one I started out with was pretty worn and by this point was getting useless.  None of the top boards are attached in this pic, but finally I get to do some drilling and screwing while standing upright!

And finally, the finished workbench.  Just as Corey Hart hit a walk off home run to win the game for the Brewers!  (I'm on vacation - I paced myself!) I have pulled everything out of the corner where it will go.  Tomorrow morning I will start by moving the electrical box 2 studs to the left and up a foot or more. Then essentially empty out the garage, reorganize, and put up new shelves to hold all our stuff.  See you tomorrow!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Die Antwoord Coming Up

I'm less than 1 day away from vacation but I think I've already checked out.

Die Antwoord will be in Chicago on Wednesday, July 14.  If it was in Milwaukee I would be very tempted, but not Chicago, not now.  There's already videos online of last night's show in Prague, but this video is from 3 nights ago in Germany.  I love my wife more than anything but if I were to see Die Antwoord live, this is the view I would want.  Yo- Yo- Yo- Yolandi!  Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How To Measure A Year

Infinity and beyond!  It almost boggles the mind, the vastness and variables...  I love this stuff!

Thanks ZanyPickle

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Excuses and Promises

Well, there has been hardly any posting here lately and I don't know why.  I haven't been too bored or too busy, just not alot to share, I guess. 

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.  To me it was just a tune-up for next week when I'm officially on vacation.  Nine straight days off!  Besides the R&R I have 3 big things to do that week.  First off, my 'Garage Redo' project will get taken care of.  Although my back has been about as good as it gets the last couple weeks, I have been saving this project for my week off instead of using up a weekend.  Secondly, I plan on cleaning all the windows and screens in our 3 season porch.  Easy enough, just time consuming.  And lastly, I plan on a trip to Cuba City to see both of my grandmothers, one probably for the last time (-she hasn't been doing so well lately).  My Sis has been supposed to get back to me on this for a while now, but if I have to I will go alone.  (Get a hold of me, Sis!  The kids help fill in the quiet moments!!)

Aside from those things, I'm sure I'll keep myself as busy as I want to be.  There's plenty more to be done, but not necessarily next week.  This list will also give me good things to post about, a pic dump is due soon, too.  So thanks for checking back even though there hasn't been much going on lately.  I assure you, this space will pick up soon enough!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Point and click, create your own firworks show!

Although tomorrow is the holiday, tonight is Rhythm and Booms - a large local fireworks show.  A few hundred thousand people show up, if I remember right.  I will not be one of them.  My wife is off to watch them on her bff Terry's boat with several friends.  I would like to be there, but it will take hours to get the couple miles back to the dock then to home.  And, honestly, lately I have not reacted well at all to being in groups of all smokers but me.  I get a bit, er, testy, shall we say.  Have a great holiday, all! (Or just a great day, for those outside the US!)

Mike O'Meara Is Back On The Radio

By Paul Farhi
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, July 3, 2010

 Mike O'Meara, who for years was half of the "Don & Mike" radio team, will return to Washington's airwaves next week with a new morning show and co-host.  O'Meara, 51, will team with radio veteran Kirk McEwen on WVRX-FM (105.9) starting Wednesday, the station announced Friday.

 With partner Don Geronimo, O'Meara was one of the top-rated personalities in Washington for more than two decades. Geronimo left the partnership in 2008, leaving O'Meara as a solo act on WJFK-FM (106.7). O'Meara continued until last summer, when the station changed to a sports-talk format. He has produced his own program as a podcast since then.
Read the whole article here.

From what I understand, he will still continue the podcast with Robb, Buzz and Oscar.  Hmmm.  From listening to a radio show for over 10 years, it has splintered into 2 radio shows and a podcast for me to listen to.  Tough choices will have to be made soon.  After all, there are only so many hours in the day.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Open Your Eyes

I've really not had much to say recently, so here's a thought...