Saturday, November 30, 2013

Latest Listening Pleasure 14... In This Moment*

I've been debating myself as to whether In This Moment would be my next LLP post or not.  Then I thought of my Paramore LLP post and what shite that full album turned out to be (for my tastes, anyway).  In This Moment doesn't have much more of a history as a band, but they do have heavier songs and have turned my head and perked my ears lately.  Actually, I may remember hearing the song 'Blood' on local hard rock radio sometime in the past year.  If so, it was purely incidental.  I am not a regular radio listener and haven't been in a very long time.  What gets played on the local hard rock radio station these days doesn't interest or influence me significantly.  The internet is where I find all my new sounds these days, the possibilities are so much greater and global than just what some corporate controlled program director thinks we should all like.  Most times I find something very very new, like the last LLP - Hyrax, and sometimes I'm a little late to the party, this album 'Blood' was released in August of 2012.

In This Moment's current stage show does make me think of 'pop metal.'  I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to see Britney Spears or a similar pop diva do something like this live.  Then again, maybe they do now, I don't pay attention.  They use the latest fad of 'mini-stages-on-the-big-stage' thing like I know Zombie and Manson do now (WASP has been standing on equipment crates since the early eighties), and dreadlocks and skulls are everywhere.  I do like the singer and her voice on most of the songs on the album.  But I also can't help but find myself thinking if this is what Christina Aguilera would be if she were more metal.  All in all, very good performances - if a bit dramatic at times - on the album.   Just my two cents, though.

I don't know if you know what I mean, or if  I  you even care.  It caught my attention, maybe it will catch yours.  I like In This Moment right now and have been enjoying listening to their 2012 album 'Blood' enough lately to make it officially my Latest Listening Pleasure.

And no, it did not hit me like a wrecking ball, but sometimes it strangely - and somewhat uncomfortably - reminds me of one.  Give 'em a listen for yourself!

In This Moment - Blood

In This Moment - Whore (Live, just two nights ago!)

*Update 11/30. 11:37 pm. I saw the below posted today on Blabbermouth.  It confirms that I had heard of them before, among other things.  I am not aware of any release date yet.

IN THIS MOMENT professionally filmed its May 21 concert in Madison, Wisconsin for the group's first-ever live DVD.  IN THIS MOMENT has partnered up with longtime supporter, radio station WJJO, as part of their Mayday Maylay concert series. The band had a bunch of surprises in store for this show, including rarely played songs from their catalog and an all-new stage show created specifically for this concert.

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