Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017

The large, bright moon was a good effect.
Trick or Treat!  I got into Halloween a little more this year.  I picked up a window covering that is backlit by your inside lights.  It came in two parts so I put in in the corner windows, and I did get a few compliments on it from friendly parents.  I also bought a mask to have fun with the kiddies.  I waited to get these things until Sunday so there wasn't much left out to choose from.  Oh, and I got candy - loads of candy.  Too much candy.  Anyone want some candy?  I'd say we got around 40 trick-or-treaters or so, not too bad.  I expect that number to grow over the next several years as the kids get bigger and more numerous in the neighborhood, but I could be wrong.  I answered the door all but once with my mask on, bending down to kid height.  Showed the spirit but I didn't make any kids run away screaming.
Unimpressed Hamish

After the break is me, in my scary mask!



Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, glad you didn't come to my door! Love the window covering though!

Scoakat said...

(Who is this?)

Mom said...


Scoakat said...

Good to hear from you!
Sorry, I'm not accustomed to anonymous comments here that aren't spam.
See you soon!