Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fear The Deer!

Here's Bango, the Milwaukee Bucks mascot performing a backward dunk off a 16 foot ladder recently:

Go Bucks!  If I post tomorrow it will be late.  The Bucks can win the series with a victory starting at 6:00 my time Friday evening.  I will be watching. The last time the Bucks made a splash in the postseason I was in Jamaica getting married and on my honeymoon.  I repeat, Go Bucks!

*I don't know why I can't show the vid now, I've tried 6 times on my way to bed.  I'll try to fix it after work tomorrow. demmit. FML
Update:  It was showing html literally.  I changed the setting back but I don't know how it got switched in the first place.  Well, I know what to check first next time!

An Alien's View

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Am A Non-Smoker...

I finished the 3-months of taking Chantix a couple weeks ago.  Since then, I have had the urge to smoke and have gained weight.  I know I have been eating more and more because I want a cigarette.  I finally shaved my chin, yet  it made no difference, I just found another one! 

It gets harder and harder to lose weight the older I get.  Most often it happens when I'm sick.  That's usually in winter and I'm usually really miserable.  Not a good diet, in all.  Gaining, on the other hand, seems to happen easily anytime, but especially now.  The most I have ever weighed happened the last time I quit smoking (for 5 months, about 2 years ago).  That was just a half stone more than I weigh now.  I do miss smoking, but not enough to start again just to lose weight.  I can breathe deeper, cough deeper and laugh deeper than I could in a long time.  Mornings I still have some clearing out to do, but it is getting easier.  My sense of smell hasn't really improved much, maybe that comes later.

Sigh.  Everything I enjoy is bad for me.  Moderation, I guess.  FML

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A flood of memories when I saw this pic.  We had one when I was a kid and I loved it!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Slim Chips

Slim Chips are good and they contain no calories. Instead of getting fat you can now eat paper with different flavors. It’s like eating tasty air. The Slim Chips are made out of edible paper and pure organic tastes.
I'd give 'em a try...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I need a 'Sign-Off'

I just updated at my garden blog and realized that I usually end a post with an exclamation mark.  I know that I tend to write as I speak, which doesn't alway convey the whole or intended meaning.  I do find that I try to finish a post on an up-note.  Most often that is expressed with that particular punctuation.

Salutations have suffered in this digital age, unfortunately, but I feel the need to say 'Thanks for reading my stuff, I'm done for now,' without being formal or awkward.  I'll have to think about this a bit.
Methinks the cat was on to something...

Which reminds me - on a different note, I loved today's Garfield cartoon! (There it is again!  uh-oh!)
I'll try to edit that in here later.

Here it is - and since I blatantly stole the screencap, give them a visit here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Computer Problems?


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bye Bye Attu

Attuworld is gone from my list on the right.  I have had Attu on my list of sites that I regularly visit for over 10 years, they are one of my oldest.  But I cannot take their ads slowing me to a crawl or crashing my browser anymore and will not recommend them to anyone.  I am disappointed, but it's just not worth it.  Goodbye Attuseesall/Attuworld.

The Scale of the Universe

Nothing like a demonstration of the scale of the universe to keep things in perspective...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why I don't believe in God

Not much has been happening the last few days, mostly resting and doing the mundane things.  I haven't had much to say lately so I'll share this article I've had saved for a while.  I've always considered myself agnostic, as far as I understood it.  I'd like to be trendy and say atheist but my strict catholic upbringing, I think, makes agnostic as far as I can go.  This article sums up my views on Why I don't believe in God.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Want Baconcakes!

This will happen in my kitchen... sooner than later!  via

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tree Limb Update and More

Here's what that big ol' tree limb that fell on Easter looks like now.  I have to find a place to store it now for a year or so, until it dries out and can be used as firewood.  We received a Firepit thing last Xmas that we haven't used yet, so I tried to cut the pieces small enough to use in that.

Yesterday my wife and I got haircuts  (mine was just trimmed, no difference, really) and we ran errands and went out for breakfast in the morning. So I found time to finish this in the early afternoon.  I hadn't heard back from the neighbors with the chain saw so I just did it with my neighbor Jane's bow saw and I used my circular saw for help on the bigger end.  (We gave her a bottle of wine to thank her when we returned her bow saw this morning, she's a very nice person.)

After that I took a nap for a couple hours then we got all dressed to the nines for my sister in law's wedding reception.  They got married on St. Patrick's Day in Jamaica and this was their celebration for friends and relatives.  My wife and I got married in Jamaica as well (about nine years ago) but did not have a reception when we got back.  We didn't feel the need, but alot of people really enjoy this kind of thing.  I managed to avoid the hockey score all night so I could watch it on tape after we got home.  I'm disappointed we lost, but it was still a great season.

More Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord is supposed to tour the states soon and I would go see them.  I won't travel far, but if they come to the Madison area,  I will be there. 

When it comes right down to it, I just have fun listening to them.  I try to justify it to myself, but it's just one of those guilty pleasures that just so happened to be unfolding publicly here on my blog.  No this has not become a fanblog, but this is the vid that sold me on it...    NSFW!

Yolandi Visser is a good reason to like Die Antwoord.  Her look and high voice are unique, and I'm obviously not the only one that thinks so...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sex Ed is Criminal???

A Wisconsin idiot religous zealot is at it again.  Thankfully there is Florida, but otherwise Wisconsin would be in the running for most asshat state for this kind of news.  A few days old, but still incredible enough to pass on in case you missed it. I've already heard it on one of my podcasts I listen to and expect to hear about it on one, maybe two more podcasts that I subscribe.  The Onion Radio News could just read the real thing and people would think it is made-up...

I'll be getting my postponed haircut this morning, then alot of stressing about what will be nothing but fun, I'm sure. Also, Wisconsin plays in the NCAA Men's Hockey National Championship Game tonight against Boston College, the team we beat for the championship back in '06.  Go Wisconsin!  I'll no doubt recap this day somewhat later...

 Have a good weekend!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Die Antwoord - Doos Dronk

I really wish I could understand all the languages they're speaking.  Most of the dirty stuff seems to be in english, however.  (Read: NSFW!)
Yes, I still have this South Afrikaan Zef*/Rap group in my head.  After my last post on them I sought out their album, $O$, which I understand they released for free last year on their website.(No longer available there, so if you'd like the link for the album you can email me and I'll send it to you.)  I've been playing it a few times a day ever since.  What can I say, I'm almost embarrassed but still fascinated.   Here's a live performance of the dramatic 'Doos Dronk' with some of their friends.  Enjoy.

*Zef, I've read, is roughly translated as 'redneck.'  Die Antwoord, by the way, means 'The Answer.'

Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Year Blogging

Yes, it has been exactly one year since I got drunk, went exploring and started this blog.  240 posts, that's about 2 out of every 3 days.  Eh, what the heck, I'm still having fun and entertaining myself.  This blog hasn't grown exponentially or anything.  That's not what I tried to do.  Still, it would've been nice if some more people I know took this seriously.  Unfortunately since I don't do facebook or myspace, cell phone or text messaging, twitter or instant messaging, I seem to be left behind most of them.

I just don't have the time, energy or inclination to expand my 'social network' more.  I welcome people here, yet shun looking for them elsewhere.  Hell, I still enjoy reading all of the physical daily paper I have had delivered every day since forever, and I'm even having a hard time finding that time.  How do these other people divide their time?  What sacrifices do they make to do all that I mentioned above?

I'm just here, just me.  I remind people of that now and again, but they know where to find me by now.  I have made a few virtual friends online.  Some I would love to meet and chat up over a few drinks.  Some I admire from afar.  Some I just enjoy friendly banter with and an unspoken mutual respect.  Some are an off week away from losing me.  The internet has made us a fickle people, unfortunately.  Too many demands and never enough time to do everything you want or feel you should.

This will post Thursday morning on the First Birthday of my blog.  Now I'm out of time and must go to bed so I can get up and do overtime tomorrow.  Then the Badgers play in the Frozen Four right after work.  Sometime tomorrow evening I'm getting my hairs trimmed as well.  No time for blogging.

Thought for the next year:  Take the time to make the time...  or the other way around.  Good Night.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Unexpected Easter Fun

I was in the garage this morning getting ready to go out to lunch with my wife and my father-in-law who had not yet arrived.  Crash - Crack - Boom!  I heard it happening but waited until it was quiet to look out.  A huge limb had broken off the big Silver Maple in the back yard and became stuck on another branch - barely.

First of all I had mistakenly thought this was like any other Sunday* and stores would be open for shopping for a reception we have coming up soon and getting dirt at Ace to start filling in the garden.  With that plan scrapped we were going to go out to lunch then assemble another large shelf downstairs like the 3 others that we have.

Back to the story:  About 5 minutes after it happened, FIL arrived.  I sent them to lunch anyway, not much they could do here, and I tried to figure out what to do.  My neighbor, Jane, was home and offered to go get her sister's pruning saw.  That turned out to be a huge help.  I managed to prune as many of the little branches off as possible to lighten it.  While I was out front piling up sticks another neighbor, Bea, said hello.  I asked her if she had any rope, since I nor Jane had any.  She came down a few minutes later with some clothesline that I thought should work. 

More pruning and more cleanup so I wouldn't trip then I climbed a ladder and tied it to the branch as high as I could reach.  That higher leverage made dislodging it very easy.  Boom!  Perfect, it fell between the garage and house missing everything.  It didn't even take down the (unused) phone line, but it did bounce off it pretty dramatically.  I should have taken the pics before I picked up all the branches to show the full effect, but first things first.  Posting this was on my mind - because I grabbed the camera, but there was work to be done.

Shortly after, a small thunderstorm passed through so these pics of it fully cleaned up - except for the large piece to be cut up and removed later - are from inside the porch.  Other neighbors have a chain saw so hopfully all will be gone soon.  I really like being a part of a neighborhood.

*The previous post I had scheduled earlier last week because I figured I would forget it was Easter.

Happy Easter

I'm not one for religious holidays (but I enjoyed the paid half day off Friday).  Here's my contribution to Easter.  After all, muppet bunnies are always a good thing, right?  Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Die Antwoord - Enter the Ninja

Many thanks to Joanne Casey for this.  I first heard the song a few months ago when a podcast I listen to used it as the closing song.  It's haunting chorus kept me going back to play it again and again.  The last couple days this has come back to haunt me as I have been going back to see the video again and again.  Anything I pay that much attention to I have to pass on to you here, so here it is:  (Warning - Adult Language)

Strangely fascinating, huh?  Here's the only other 'official' video of them that I found:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Cookout of the Spring

Last night our friends Bridget and Zubin came over to help us with the garden and to grill some food. The helping part didn't take long at all so there was much time to talk, eat, and enjoy what was the nicest day of the year so far - until today, anyway. My wife thinks this picture is good, she said it looks like Zubin is in trouble! I like the background, too. You can see the plants coming in nicely. We even have a first bloom! Over Bridget's left shoulder there is a small white flowering plant. We have no idea what it is, we didn't see it last year. In the middle of the pic are irises. Last year there was a large clump of yellow ones on the left corner by the drainpipe. I chopped that up and traded with a nice lady, Donna, from work. This year should be Yellow, Pink, and Purple all mixed up in there.

Thank you for your help and a fun night, B&Z! We need to come up with more excuses to get together like that!

Salt of the...Air?