Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Another Wednesday post, I have the time this day of the week to do it.  My half day was pretty unplanned this week until I broke my headphones at work yesterday.  So I had to make a trip to a local store for a replacement set and a couple odds and ends.  Then, after an early lunch out, I had tentatively planned on doing some work in the yard, raking and mulching leaves.  Well, there are still leaves to fall and all the plants in the flowerbeds aren't even done yet, we still have day lilies blooming outside the back door, so I've made the rest of the day mine to be lazy and relax a bit.  There is still plenty of time to clean up the yard, perhaps another 6 weeks or so, by my reckoning.

About the time I left work kids were starting to come through.  In this department people are allowed to go home and get the kids to come and trick or treat at work.  I only saw a few by the time I left, but we'll have plenty more here at home tonight.  Kate is worried that we will run out of candy, but I think if we stick to only 2 pieces per kid we should be okay.  And if we run out, oh well, I want to go to bed early anyway.  Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Day, Part Two

Last week I obviously got a little frustrated with cats and a list of things to do.  The good news is that I felt much better after writing that post and managed to get most things listed done, and even a few things more.

20121024 008 carToday my half day off got off to a bad start.  When I left work I noticed a ding in my windshield that was not there 4 hours earlier, I would have noticed - I couldn't have not noticed with the location.  I abandoned my errands and drove home like a grandma, hoping it would not spiderweb before I could get it fixed.  I've watched windshield cracks grow in front of me before, it's not a good feeling to watch it grow from a free repair (with insurance) to a few hundred dollar new windshield (at my cost).  The security guard at work has reviewed the tape and no one apparently approached my vehicle, so it was probably just a rock kicked up from somewhere.  Just my dumb luck.  I called around and found a place that should be able to fix it later this afternoon so at least I won't have to miss time at work getting it fixed.

20121024 015So aside from that, there are a few things I can get done around here while I'm stuck at home.  I have already done the little bit of painting in the living room.  I'm hoping it matches better when dry or else I may have to get a darker shade of white.  (Why are there a million different kinds of white paint?)  I was able to mow to mulch leaves a few days ago on Saturday.  It should dry out a bit more later this afternoon so I can do the back yard again.  Almost all of the neighbor's Black Walnut leaves have fallen so I hope to mulch up what is on the lawn so I can use the rest of the leaves that fall as mulch in the flower beds.  Also, I am overdue (once again) for a garden blog update.  I just took some pics a bit ago, but I may wait for it to dry out so I can blow some of the leaves out of the garden before I post pics over there.

In the meantime, I may just have to put my feet up for a bit....  PTFO

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Having A Day

Today is Wednesday.  Wednesday is supposed to be my day.  I work 9 hour shifts every other weekday, Wednesdays I usually get off at ten in the morning.  My last task at work was a headache,  I had to make some sense out of a messed up batch of work.  When I got home the cats just would not leave me alone, still won't.  I tried to find a fix for our end table situation in the living room.  It does need upgrading($) eventually, but what we have now seemed to be working for the time being until my wife suddenly wanted them rearranged last night.  I'm also trying to make a cheesecake for us now but I can't find the right measuring spoons anywhere in the kitchen.  I finally found the beaters but I don't know where the hell the mixer is, and I've looked, and looked.  I wasn't planning on mowing because I thought it was going to rain, but it's not, so I should.  I'm hoping to go out to lunch, then I'm tasked with some scraping, spackling and eventually sanding and painting in the living room.

I'm not very happy at the moment.  Most will get done, but not all.  I will go out to lunch and then just take it from there.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just Spilling My Brain

PhotobucketIt has been some time since I have spilled my gray matter all over the page, so it is time to start typing again and see what comes out...

  • As I sat to write this it occurred to me that I hadn't gotten back to childhood chum after several weeks, so I paused this to write him a reply.  It seems there is talk of a possible reunion of our small parochial school class.  If it comes to be, I think it would be pretty interesting to meet and get to know them now, as adults.  We'll see.
  • The weather is turning cooler, leaves are falling, and this weekend we are getting the rain we missed all summer.  I have started some of the yard cleanup for Winter, but there should still be plenty of time, especially with another very mild Winter expected again.  Even though I am not a huge fan of Winter, I would trade a mild one for a more seasonable Spring and Summer next year.
  • We had friends over a week ago Saturday for what we expect will be the last fire pit party of the year.  Temperatures were in the low 40's, but the fire made it much nicer to be outside.  Our friends, B&Z, brought over their home brew for trying, but again it was forgotten over the course of the evening.  Last time they came over they brought homemade apple crisp using the apples from their tree and again it was forgotten in the festivities.  I'm sorry, B&Z, the slights have not been intentional.
  • I managed to throw out my back again on Thursday after work.  I missed work Friday, but I'm feeling better already.  I've certainly hurt it worse than this in the past, but I am no longer used to the muscle relaxers that I take so often, and without that tolerance they make me very tired.  So at least I got some good sleep!
  • Family-wise, my sister has a dog, her kids have emails now (that I haven't used yet), and they are all settling into their new home a state away.  My brother I have not heard from in a while, but if he's like me then no news is good news.  My Mom still wants me to go a different neighboring state to see her new home.  I hate to travel and now we are more scattered than ever.  Sigh.
  • A couple weeks ago when we returned home from a weekend away with the in-laws we had no cable, phone or internet.  It was fixed after a few hours, but after terrible customer service over 2 days and 3 long phone calls I gave them a piece of my mind and now I have the sports tier on cable for free for 3 months.  Speaking of, the NFL Red Zone Channel is on right now...
PTFO - and Go Packers tonight!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Guided Tour Of The View From The ISS At Night

Reposted from Bits & Pieces.  Thanks, Jonco!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Latest Listening Pleasure... Nightwish, Part Two *with asterisk

Annette Olzon, formerly of Nightwish
Nightwish was also my second LLP post, but it comes with an asterisk this time because it is under odd circumstances.  They have replaced their lead singer, Annette Olzon, in the middle of their US tour when Annette became 'sick', using replacement singers one night.  She was publicly displeased with the decision to go on with the show without her, but she returned for the next night's show, then she was booted.  The boys in Nightwish brought in a new singer, Floor Jansen, whom it seems had already been planning on joining them as a replacement for their dates after the US tour, so things just seem to have been moved up hastily.  Drama, drama, drama, but the videos are on Youtube so I have been watching.  And the albums are on my ipod so I have been enjoying Annette's expressive voice sadly, but I stick by the band.

Below is a song from the show two nights ago in San Francisco, "I wish I had an Angel' featuring the now replacement singer, Floor Jansen.  I am reserving my full judgment yet, but I do feel positive about her so far.  Annette's voice seemed more powerful and expressive, but Floor is yet to be comfortable, thrown quickly into having to memorize all the words, and is, after all, only named as a replacement singer, not a new member.  I could see that happen though, if the chemistry still works after touring through the new year.  Enjoy the video below!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leaves and a Gnome

20121004 005Because of our warm early spring and then our two month summer drought, many of the plants and trees have been a bit 'off' this year.  Leaves have been falling a bit here and there for quite some time now, but in the last two days I've noticed a significant increase.  In fact, yesterday I was lucky enough to get a 2 hour nap in on my half day off, and from just before my nap and then after my nap there was a very noticeable increase in the amount of leaves on the lawn.  On my drive home today I went through neighborhoods where the sidewalk was completely covered for stretches, gutters and lawns were full.

Here at home, most of the leaves you see are not from our tree, which is still mostly green.  Some trees we can see from our back yard are bare, some are yellow, and there is still some green among them.  There doesn't seem to be a lot of red, but I had heard that might be the case this year because of the Summer drought.

I have started cutting some plants down, the 3 peony bushes around the yard and the irises seen in the lower part of the picture above.  If you look hard at the top you can see our little gnome that used to be poking out from between the hostas, or you can look at the close up posted below.  The hostas will have to be mowed down in the next few weeks, latest.  I got this gnome for Kate a few months ago because, well, because she said we needed one.  Now that we have him, I would agree.

20121004 008