Friday, October 31, 2014

Hard Drive Failure Imminent

It's hit or miss trying to get this computer up and going these days.  More miss than hit, and even then it is really slow.  Two days ago I ordered a new computer, much the same as this one - and with Windows 7, not the troublesome 8!  That may take a while so I may be mostly away for another week and a half.  Last night I saw a message when trying to start it up:  Hard Drive Failure Imminent - Backup and Replace.  Yup, no going back now. 

Wish me luck, but this transition should be easier than the defective computer I bought (and returned) a couple months ago.

Oh, Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Suitsy

I found this hilarious!  Even more funny is that I can't think of one good reason why the hell not?!


Still muddling through with this old computer but ordered a new one this evening.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Elvira - Two Big Pumpkins

via SG

And if you like your cheesiness with a little odd and funny, see Elvira's Big Top 2014 Complete Show at Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt.  

Halloween Ghost?

This old computer is about to give up the ghost.  I have had all sorts of trouble today - besides a back ache and such.  Everything seemed normal, it started okay, but after a bit it got slower.  At this point I had the mind to back up what little has not been backed up yet.  I did a restart and it took a while, but still lagged.  Enough that I couldn't connect to the internet at one point.  Later I left it and went to the store and when I came back the screen saver was froze and nothing woke it up.  I had to do a hard shut down.  I tried restarting a couple times but it would freeze.  I finally was able to restore the system to a few days ago.  So, it works for the moment but it still lags.

I think the inevitable has arrived.  Unless I get pretty lucky I'll be checking in from my phone.

Then again, I hope it's not that &*#%!ing Microsoft office update that I have been declining for several days now...  It just popped up again while writing this after the computer lagged again, and - having already given up - I went ahead and let it update.  Seems better now.  WTF!?  Should I be happy or mad?!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yardwork Afternoon, Part II

Actually it was yardwork late morning into just after noon, but then the title would be too long.  Easier to go with the same title part two.

20141026 002
Yes, we took advantage of the nice weather this weekend to do some fall chores.  I was thinking that it may be a bit too early to start mulching, but this morning I thought differently.  There were a lot of leaves out front and Kate wanted mulch over the bulbs she planted, so we started out front raking the leaves into a couple big piles then I vacuumed them up with my handy dandy leaf vac/mulcher/blower.  I dumped several bags of mulched up leaves over the bulbs in front, on either side of the steps as seen in the pic on the right, and throughout the flower beds in the yard.

20141026 020In the back I mowed to mulch those leaves.  The black walnut trees next door have lost all their leaves already - I thought they started dropping strangely early, and the nuts did not seem as plentiful as years past - so the back yard leaves were fine for using, but we had enough leaf mulch already for the flowerbeds. 

Besides, as the picture below shows, there are plenty of leaves to fall yet, out front and in back.  Our silver maple is usually the last to drop all it's leaves.  Next year will be vastly different....

20141026 019

Kate also did a lot of work in the garden, I'll talk a little about it and dump more pictures from today over at the garden site.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yardwork Afternoon

After the big win by the Badgers this afternoon it was time for some work around the yard and garden.  The sun was shining and the temperature made it comfortable without a jacket.  We're supposed to get more of the same tomorrow and then we get cold again.  I had just received a very nice sweater jacket that I had ordered, too, but I have to return it.  It says it is XXL but wears like a L.  I was very disappointed.

20141025 013
But the point of this is to post pictures.  Starting with the burning bush, with it's leaves aflame in red this time of year.  It was very overgrown when we moved in, and I have trimmed it since to try to get some underneath growth.  It took a big hit during the drought of a few summers ago, we weren't sure it would survive.  What you see is what is left after I cut out the dead parts.  In fact, we burnt up the last of the dead trunks that I removed during the fire pit last weekend (see last post).  I don't know how it will look in a few years, but I'm hoping to encourage enough undergrowth that I can get it to be more bush than tree.

20141025 015The compost bin that I built a couple years ago has been working out wonderfully.  It is attractive in the yard and keeps critters from making a mess.  Alternating sides each year works out perfectly so we always have fresh soil to add to the garden in the fall.  Today I added most of the compost from last year, which was just nutrient rich soil now, into the garden where Kate raked it out evenly amongst the plants we're keeping.  There's even another bucket or two left for elsewhere in the yard.  It will surely get put somewhere eventually this fall yet so we can start depositing in that side and, once all the fall clean up is in, let the left side start breaking down to be next year's garden enrichment.  We added quite a bit today so I gave it a little turn with the pitchfork which is what you see above. 

I'll post more pictures over at the garden site later tonight.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Leaves And Leaving

20141019 022Fall is definitely here.  I can no longer ignore the drifts of leaves on the driveways and walks or the cold, cold mornings.  I did a little fall clean up this afternoon, after the Packer game.  I mulched a few plants and mowed down some others, added a little edging out front and gave the evergreen bushes a long drink of water. 

I still haven't even thought of raking leaves, yet.  I'm actually not a big proponent of raking.  In the back yard we get a lot of the black walnut leaves from next door so I have taken to mulching those with the mower until the last clean up when I do rake it all back along the fence over the hostas.  Out front I use a different strategy since there isn't black walnut leaves mixed in.  Oh, I will mulch them with the mower a time or two early, but eventually I do rake them up and mulch them for the flower beds around the whole yard.  I don't put any leaves out for pick up by the city, and I don't put any leaves in the compost bin.  They all get put to use back in the soil, as it should be.

20141019 JamesI took the top pic this morning and if you look you will notice the firepit is still out from last night.  Our friend James recently left our favorite restaurant, Brothers Three, where he had been the main cook for over 8 years.  Technically, he was fired and I kind of know why but really don't feel a need to pry further.  In the long run I'm sure it's best for all involved.  Since leaving there he has moved to Minnesota and already has a job there, so it was a nice surprise when he texted me that he was in town to tie up loose ends and move all his stuff up there.

I thought we should see him before he leaves and I had also been wanting to have a firepit at least once more this year, so I texted a bunch of people to come over Saturday night, in two days time.  Well, more notice would have been better for other people because it was only me and Kate and James sitting around the fire.  That was really okay with us because we got to visit just with James for what could be the last time. 

There is more that I wanted to say about James but I don't want this to start sounding like a eulogy.  From us to you, a heartfelt Goodbye and Good Luck, James!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Because I Got High - Remix

By Afroman.  Legalize it, already, Wisconsin.  Seen at Huff Post.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Aaron Rodgers' Doppelganger

I had to post this for the Packer fans that visit. Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers meets Tom Wrigglesworth, a comedian from Sheffield that has a bit of a resemblance...


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I told myself I would post something tonight, well, there it is.

Okay, okay, I can't just do that.

Why have I not been posting much?  Well, I was sick for a week and it lingered for another week.  There's still mandatory overtime at work.  Next excuse on the list - wait, did I type that?  Stop!

Truth is, sometimes there's not a whole lot to say.  I could talk about the weather - we had our first frost about a week ago, not a real 'hard' frost yet.  I could talk about our social life - 'Happy hour' means drinks, people, not dinner.  I could talk about sports - Brewers caved and we're in the heart of football season.  Perhaps I've just been lazy.

Yeah, probably got something there...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Shelter From The Storm*

Bill Murray version


*Update:  A teaser for a movie, I should have known.  I thought maybe it was just Bill Murray being Bill Murray and making a fun video, silly me.