Saturday, June 27, 2015

Latest Listening Pleasure 19... Lindemann

Lindemann is a new supergroup of only two people.  Till Lindemann, lead singer of the German band Rammstein and Swedish multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Peter Tagtgren, known for his bands Hypocrisy and - my favorite - Pain.

So, last year Peter was working with his band Hypocrisy while I was biding my time until he would finish that up and start on a new Pain album.  I've listened to Hypocrisy but, as much as I like Peter, that music just doesn't appeal to me.  While I have grown more accustomed to the cookie monster* stuff, I really do not care for that kind of vocal.  I sometimes like it better as an accent to the music and regular vocals, like in Amaranthe, my previous LLP post.   Turns out that the timing was right for friends Peter and Till to work on an album together, instead.  Skills In Pills was released this past Tuesday.  I had it pre-ordered so it was here when I got home from work that day.

This album is different than anything I have heard in a while.  For Till, this is the first time he sings an entire album in English.  And Peter, well, he does everything else.  He played all the instruments, wrote all the music, engineered and produced the album.  Just another day at the office for him.  He is the driving force in Hypocrisy, though there are two other full members, and Pain is all Peter Tagtgren until it's time to play live.  This music here is actually very near to what I would have expected from another Pain album, Till's vocals and lyrics are what make this album unusual.  I must say that even I was taken aback a little bit the first time I saw the video for Praise Abort, below.  Other song titles include the title track Skills In Pills, Ladyboy, Fish On, Golden Shower and Fat.  It's hard to say if he is really disturbed or just trying to shock people.  Doesn't matter, really.  Other than worrying what bad words the neighbors may hear, the album sounds great and it has a good flow to it.  Like I said before, the music is not far off from what I would expect from Pain, and I really love that project.

Below is the first video from the album, for the song Praise Abort.  NOT safe for work!

I've had the album for less than a week, but it has fast become my latest listening pleasure.  Check out all my other LLP posts below!

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*You know the sound.  Or just do your impression of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster, right now, out loud.  Okay, now sing in that voice.  That's the kind of vocals I'm talking about.  I tend not to listen to bands that do that.

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