Friday, October 5, 2012

Latest Listening Pleasure... Nightwish, Part Two *with asterisk

Annette Olzon, formerly of Nightwish
Nightwish was also my second LLP post, but it comes with an asterisk this time because it is under odd circumstances.  They have replaced their lead singer, Annette Olzon, in the middle of their US tour when Annette became 'sick', using replacement singers one night.  She was publicly displeased with the decision to go on with the show without her, but she returned for the next night's show, then she was booted.  The boys in Nightwish brought in a new singer, Floor Jansen, whom it seems had already been planning on joining them as a replacement for their dates after the US tour, so things just seem to have been moved up hastily.  Drama, drama, drama, but the videos are on Youtube so I have been watching.  And the albums are on my ipod so I have been enjoying Annette's expressive voice sadly, but I stick by the band.

Below is a song from the show two nights ago in San Francisco, "I wish I had an Angel' featuring the now replacement singer, Floor Jansen.  I am reserving my full judgment yet, but I do feel positive about her so far.  Annette's voice seemed more powerful and expressive, but Floor is yet to be comfortable, thrown quickly into having to memorize all the words, and is, after all, only named as a replacement singer, not a new member.  I could see that happen though, if the chemistry still works after touring through the new year.  Enjoy the video below!

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