Monday, February 25, 2013

Cats, Nephew James And More

It was a busy weekend around here.  Well, for some of us.  Not the cats.
20130223 007 b
Hamish, top, and Basil still seem to be growing at just over 10 months old.  Bigger and as naughty as ever!

We had the pleasure of having my nephew James spend some time with us on Saturday.  My sister was in town for a play (I think it was called Spank... probably inappropriate for a 10 year old, you can look it up on your own) with my mother, aunt, cousin and more.  An interesting group to see such a play maybe?  I wonder how many 'uncomfortable' moments they may have had.  Heh, heh, in my imagination it is hilarious!  Okay that was for them, share if you wish, Mom and Sis!

20130223 009 bAnyway, the afternoon got off to a bad start, we went to an event I found on the internet that was not at all what I expected.  But after we got back home we were able to go through some of my old Piers Anthony books.  He's been interested in the Xanth series so I gave him all those books that were in good enough shape and threw out the old and damaged ones.  I also gave him the Adept series that I remember really enjoying.  After that I went through my Kiss CDs - he's a fan - and managed to give him several that he can enjoy until I can give him the rest of them.  I never did get the complete Kiss catalog on CD, like I managed to collect every album on vinyl (still have them!).  Digital is everything now and CD's are not as big of a priority for me anymore for most music.  I think he only has a couple so I'm happy to give him some new-to-him Kiss to listen to.

For dinner, we took him out to a nearby landmark, a place called Ella's Deli.  Unmistakable along one of the city's main arteries, especially in Summer when the carousel outside is uncovered and all lit up!  Inside it is full of all sorts of moving, flying, spinning everything.  You can see some of the hundreds of displays here, but photos are still and the whole place is actually in mesmerizing motion.  I hadn't been inside there for at least 15 years, so I think I had as much fun as he did!

Love ya, James!  Thanks for hanging out with us! (We missed you, Lindsey!)

Sunday was a pretty fun day.  I had a pretty casual morning, my wife did a lot of housework.  As usual she wins that battle, I realize it and do feel guilty.  We went out to brunch with our friend Bridget along with Zubin and several of her friends for her birthday - Happy Birthday, Bridget!  It was a nice place and even though the service was a bit slow the food was good and we had a very good time.  It was actually a very nice day out - sunny with no wind and above freezing, a nice day to be out and about.

Afterwords we stopped for a few drinks at another local watering hole before going home and relaxing for an hour or so.  Then, the neighbors a few houses up the street were having a gathering for all their neighbors and friends, including our local alderperson, so we went up and socialized for another hour and a half or so.  I like our part of town, there are many like-minded people here and who wouldn't be comfortable with that?  Many are youngish couples, some with children, and relatively recent to the neighborhood, as we are.  All in all a nice day and an unusually busy weekend for us, yet I showed up for work this morning with a great big smile! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Latest Listening Pleasure... Newsted

Okay, I wanted to do this LLP post several weeks ago for this new video/EP, but the winter funks had me and never got around to it.  After posting Paramore, now I just have to post the new Newsted.  I do enjoy the Paramore but the new Newsted EP is pretty darn good... and heavy.

Now, I'm a great fan of early Metallica (mid-80's), then they went bigtime and I enjoyed them some, after that I got sick of them and, for the most part, have been neutral ever since. I saw them on the 'And Justice For All' Tour, shortly after Jason Newsted joined them, then after that was the Metallica 'Black' album with that 'Enter Sandman' song.  That was the beginning of the end for me, I kinda liked it then but they lost me after that.  No, they lost me before that, I just enjoyed that era of metal trying to get it's comeuppance, especially after the Jethro Tull debacle of 1989.

That was a different time and place, and this is just a new EP by their former bassist, but dang it, I'm diggin' it!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Latest Listening Pleasure... Paramore - Now

I think the song is good, I think the video is better.  Anyway, I'm not sure how I came across the new video by Paramore called 'Now,' but I have been enjoying it lately.  The song is off their yet to be released new self-titled album, fourth overall as they have been around for almost a decade.  I will be interested in their new release when it becomes available.  I have been looking into their past music a little bit as I had not heard of them before, and while they seem like a pretty good one, they sound like a band you would hear on top 40 radio these days.  I believe they are from Tennessee, but it seems they have had more success overseas.
This kind of music is hit or miss for me, and this song and video hits.

You can read more about them here on wikipedia

And if you know me, you know I love the live stuff.  Here they are playing their new single last week live in Bangkok.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Shoe Shopping

I've worn the same shoes for about 20 years now.  No, not the same exact pair, I've had several pair over the years.  They are completely black tennis shoes, leather, and high top.  Well, not the high tops that I remember from the eighties, they come up around but not above my ankle.  I remember a doctor a couple years ago remarking to me that he liked the type of shoes I was wearing, they would help my back, or knee, or whatever problem I was having at the time.  I like these shoes because they are comfortable, and the completely black color lets me get by wearing them for any occasion.  Whenever I get a new pair, the old pair gets demoted to yard work or other uses when you would rather not wear your 'good' shoes.  The style has changed slightly over the years, but it would be hard to tell unless you had them side by side as I have many times.  So when my current pair started squeaking, meaning it was getting moisture in the sole when it is wet out, I started looking for my next pair.  I didn't like what I was about to find out.

They changed the color of the soles!  It was no longer the black tennis shoe that I could wear for any occasion.  Why, after all these years, would they change it?  And now what the hell am I going to do?  Shoe shopping has been so easy for me for so long.  All it used to take was a very short trip to the shoe store, I didn't even need to try them on.  Recently the internet has made that even easier - click click and it shows up at my door.  I don't think I even want to consider the new style, which means I need to do some actual shoe shopping for the first time in ages.  I dread going in to one of those large chain shoe stores and emerging hours later with shoes that I settled for.  But do I trust shopping for something so intimate to my daily comfort online?  I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, it's all just so much to take in!

Tears.  Drama.  Anger.  Resignation.  Acceptance.  Sigh.  Eff you, Reebok.  PTFO.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day and Videos

Happy Valentine's Day, yada yada.  We're not doing anything special though I may try to make tonight's home made pizza into a heart shape.  Here's a funny vid from 5SF, video may be NSFW.

Okay, now that that's done, I've been hanging on to a few things that I wanted to post, but felt that I was posting too much other stuff rather than writing.  I've narrowed it down to one more video, a Superbowl commercial that I missed live and came across later.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Esquire Interviews The Man Who Killed Bin Laden

Esquire interviews the man who killed Osama bin Laden.

Just because.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow In The Northeast

As much as I hate winter in Wisconsin, it could be worse.  This is Friday in Hartford, Connecticut.
Reposted from Bits & Pieces!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Green Fairy Dreams

Last night we met our friends Bridget and Zubin at the Malt House for a few drinks.  Having the next day off, I eventually had some of the absinthe, Livid was the brand.  Bridget took photos, but it seems that uploading all those pictures from my Mom's retirement party to flickr has put me over the limit for the time being, so this is just a similar pic from the internet. 

I've had absinthe a couple times before, but never for an evening.  I had two last night and still drove home easily.  One of these days when I have the time - and extra cash - I think I would like to see what it is like to drink absinthe exclusively one night and see how I like it.  Maybe I won't write the next great american novel or even paint the latest greatest masterpiece, but it might be a nice drunk!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lingering Cold, Vacation

Time to post something, even though I don't really feel like it.  Although I have been over the worst of it since about last Wednesday, this cold is still lingering in me.  Saturday I started a stretch of 8 out of 9 days off.  Just a little time off for myself to do something - or nothing, depending on the day.  Sleep is what I really want.  Good, long restful sleep is always hard to come by these days, but I shall try to achieve it.  Sigh, maybe tomorrow.  Oh, I did not jinx myself and passed the needed tests to take the other position at work.  That will not start for many months yet, though, so anything can happen.  Until then I plan on keeping my eye out for other positions that may better suit me.

It is hibernation season and I think that's pretty much all I plan to do this week so perhaps I shall post more, perhaps not.  PTFO