Sunday, May 28, 2017

Plant Day II

DSCF5588Two weeks after buying and potting several flowering plants we went and got some more.  Several seen here on the steps, a flowering bush to replace the sickly peony on the edge of the stump area, and sage and parsley plants for the garden that are not shown here.

Another pictorial tour taken after planting is over at the garden blog, if you wish to visit.  Also, I got the bat house up on the back of the garage.  No bats yet, but it is early and I am hopeful.


It's been a little busy around here lately so I haven't been posting much.  I will write about it soon, but for today let it be about the plants and our little part of the outdoors.  Today is another beautiful day - after more cool and rainy weather recently.  I should be doing something outside rather than typing on a computer inside.  I like how our yard has been evolving over the last several years, and I look forward to watching this year's plants grow, bloom and thrive.  Thanks for coming along.  Again, an up to date picture tour is here.

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