Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Latest Listening Pleasure 16 - Sebastian Bach

I didn't really like Skid Row, but I admit to liking selected songs, mostly years later. When it comes down to it, I liked the singer, the band not so much. Sebastian Bach has had arguably the better career since the split, yet he seems to think a reunion would make them millionaires again or something. I just know what I like, I like Sebastian Bach more than the band he was in, or even much of his solo stuff... Well, there is some real good stuff on his solo albums and he is a great metal frontman and gives it his all. I do see what all the detractors see, but I have respect Sebastian Bach.  Enough that he is now one of my LLPs!  In fact, this is probably the best lyric video that I have seen to date, off his latest release 'Give 'Em Hell.'

This next video, 'Temptation,' is actually the first single of the new album. It features Duff McKagan who also played on some of the album.

*I found this in my drafts from a few weeks ago so I must have been drinking when I wrote it.  In fact, I did post the first video recently, but now it's official - Sebastian Bach is a latest listening pleasure!  Enjoy!

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