Saturday, June 24, 2017

Latest Listening Pleasure 27 - Rammstein

I first heard of the East German band Rammstein long ago when I heard the song Sehnsucht on the radio.  I had no idea who did it or what the name of the song was.  I even tried looking in a database in the music area of a local big box bookstore to no avail.  Eventually I figured it out and got their cassette tape.  After that they kind of disappeared from America for many years after two of the members were arrested for indecency for performing a part of their stage show.  Look up a live video for Buck Dich and you'll see what the prissy Americans were offended by.  Europeans are much more open-minded.

A few years ago there was a lot of hype for their new DVD filmed in Madison Square Garden called Amerika.  I did not order it then, but I did have other music releases of theirs and, of course, there's always my go-to site, YouTube.  Recently there was more hype for another live DVD, Paris.  All right, I'm in.  I pre-ordered Paris and ordered Amerika at the same time.  What the hell, they have a great live show and feature pyro, staging and props unlike any other bands, even Kiss.

Now, I've always loved the live stuff, CD, DVD or YouTube.  The live sound and feeling brings across an energy that studio albums don't have.  Amerika is like this and I enjoyed it greatly.  This band does put on a very good stage show.  Paris is also taken from a couple live shows (filmed in Paris, of course) but is highly doctored with all sorts of effects.  Not that it's bad, just different.  I've seen interviews when they and the director talk about all the work that went into it.  It was filmed in 2012 and released just recently, over 5 years after it was filmed, and you can tell it took a lot of work but I think they overdid it.  Camera angles jump around too much and too many special effects have been added for it to feel like a true 'live' show to me, the opposite effect of what they wanted.  But that's my opinion, I just love the live stuff, even the one camera concerts on YouTube.  In fact, I just finished watching a full Ratt concert before writing this.  (I saw most of it last night before dozing off.)

Another thing that came out recently was one of those 'Elders React' videos featuring Rammstein.  I like these videos, they're quite funny at times.

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