Saturday, April 30, 2016

Latest Listening Pleasure 24 - Ace Frehley

I've gotten several new CDs recently, among them:  Andrew Bird released 'Are You Serious.'  Al Jourgensen came back with Surgical Meth Machine and an album by the same name.  Also, I just got Rob Zombie's new album called 'The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser.'

Ace Frehley has also recently released a new album of covers and old favorites, 'Origins Vol. 1.'  He recorded songs he grew up with and that have influenced him.  Among several guest musicians, including Slash, Lita Ford and John 5, is Paul Stanley.  For the first time in 14 years Paul and Ace perform together.  They play on the song 'Fire and Water,' originally done by the band Free. The video for that song was released on Tuesday.  I must admit, as a Kiss fan I'm loving this little reunion.  And the rest of the album is a lot of fun, too.

Listening to Ace so much recently has reminded me of when I saw him back in November 2009.  I did write about it here back then - over a few different posts, but long before I had started wrapping that stuff up into LLP posts.  Well, now Ace is officially on that list.

Here's a video from that November 7, 2009 show at the Majestic Theater here in Madison.  'Parasite' is on the new album, studio recorded for the first time by Ace (along with 'Cold Gin').  Not my video here, I was a person or two back and dead center stage.

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