Monday, January 16, 2017

Latest Listening Pleasure 25 - Darkc3ll

I found another interesting band while indulging in one of my favorite pastimes, browsing the internet for new music - Darkc3ll.  Something initially caught my attention, probably a description of the album and the song titles and, after looking further, I took a leap and got their recent release, 'Haunted Reality.'  If I see something interesting the first thing I do is go to YouTube to see and hear it.  This time, what I found was a newer metal band that was using a lot of keyboards and effects to create a sound that I rather liked.  They go for the "evil" approach to their songs and image, like metal bands have been doing since I was a little kid.  It still works and it's still pretty cool when done well.  An Australian band, they once had a promoter cancel a show because he took exception to their album cover and theme.  Nice one, boys.  As it was then, it is now.  It's show business, folks.

'Haunted Reality' is a pretty strong album start to finish.  I can see why they released Preacher as the first single, but I think there are several songs that are better, like Stitch Your Heart, Stab Me (With Your Crucifix) and Monsters - which is kind of a cute song, actually.  There are two videos from the new album so far, one is essentially a tribute for their fans called Raise Your Horns (Army of Darkn3ss) and the aforementioned Preacher.

Darkc3ll - Preacher

There's also some video of the band playing live on YouTube - not a lot, but I've watched much of what there is.  It is there on the stage that all those effects used on the album need to be played and played along with.  Now, I've long accepted that these days some bands play to backing tracks.  Nightwish needs to recreate the orchestration,  and Pain has always played to tracks to sound like the album (he is a producer, after all).  Here, similar to Amaranthe, the guitarist is also the keyboardist so they play to the pre-recorded tracks.  But one live video keeps bugging me.  I watched a show where only the singer had a microphone, the background vocals were all on tape.  Really?  At least give them a mic stand and pretend to sing!  Not enough to turn me off the band, but I do hate that.  Here's a song off an earlier release.

Darkc3ll - Hate Anthem

I'm actually having a lot of fun enjoying this band, maybe you will, too. Now, raise your horns!!!  \m/

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