Saturday, February 3, 2018

Latest LIVE Listening Pleasure - Marilyn Manson

It's no secret that I turned 50 last September.  Perhaps it was a small midlife crisis, but in October I bought tickets for Marilyn Manson.  I'd been thinking that it's been so long since I regularly went to see bands live that I ought to get out and do it while I can, so I saw the upcoming show and bought the tickets.  With the tickets in hand I would be forced to get myself out into the world again - and it worked.  Now, in the days prior to the show I would have gladly sold them, but I didn't know anyone to sell them to and I couldn't even find a friend willing or available to go with me.  My wife wasn't very excited about it, but she did accompany me to the show.  It was actually pretty fun and I had a good time, now there are more shows coming up soon and I kinda want to go.

I took some pictures inside the Orpheum Theater to capture all the decor you see in these older places and Google stitched them up for me again:

There was no opening band, but an opening DJ - Amazonica.  Well, it cuts down on tour expenses, I guess.  There was no way I wanted to be there for a DJ so we, and many others, waited to show up until that was done.  We had seats in the front row of the third section of the balcony.  Really pretty good seats with a view down to the stage, see picture above.

I've never been the hugest Marilyn Manson fan, but he's always been on my radar and I've liked him more and listened to him more the last decade or so.  And I do have the latest CD and have listened to it enough to know all the new songs he played, including Kill4Me.

Marilyn Manson - Kill4Me

He broke his leg last year, the guns stage prop fell on him, so he still uses a motorized chair on stage but has been able to get around more and more in a walking boot recently, judging from the concert videos I watched leading up to the show.  There's been a few singers with leg injuries in recent memory, I guess the Dave Grohl/Axl Rose chair was too big for Marilyn's stages on this tour.  I was at least vaguely familiar with most of the songs, and knew the latest ones the best as that is what I've heard more.  And he has some songs and choruses that are really pretty easy to sing along with, including another new one below, Say10.

Marilyn Manson - Say10

The show seemed to end prematurely.  He did not play an encore staple, The Beautiful People, but ended with The Nobodies.  A couple songs less than he's played on other recent dates, so the length of the show was a bit of a disappointment.  Earlier in the show he did seem to be bothered by the lack of energy from the crowd.  I believe it sold out, but it was 15ºF outside and probably everyone worked hard all day.  That would be my excuse, anyway.

Last night I uploaded these videos shortly after I got home and they were in double digit views before I dragged myself to bed - even a rare comment.  Interesting.  I just now took a look and couldn't find any others on YouTube from this show, but they may show up in the coming days.  These are the only two full songs that I recorded.  Though I love watching the full concert videos on the computer I'm not willing to sacrifice my concert experience to do nothing but record, yet for me it is nice to have one or two videos of my own from the shows I see.

Next:  Sabaton and Kreator are coming on February 24; Alice Cooper is coming on March 14, and I already have tickets for the Harp Twins on March 24.  We'll see if I can get myself to get out some more before I get too old.  Stay tuned!

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