Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekend Football Insulation Ace

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and start to the week.  I know I've not posted the last few days.  My back had been acting up on me, so I wasn't up for most usual things.  I considered another 'filler' post, but I have done alot of those lately, posting almost every day.

I didn't do much over the weekend, except watch football.  I did get handrails up around our little stairs and landing area.  Now I need to see if I can find a stain to reasonably match the trim in the house or else I'm thinking of just spray painting them with some kind of offwhite semi-gloss or gloss.  I may stop at Ace Hardware tomorrow to look, or then again, maybe this weekend.  While Ace is on my way home, the traffic at that time of day at that area....  hmm, I'll probably wait for the weekend.

Much more after the break.

We did get to go out to breakfast Sunday morning, and Mrs Scoakat went on the boat Sunday afternoon.  I stayed back as my back was feeling progressively worse at that time, and I wanted to get a nap in before the Packer game that night.

Speaking of football, I'm terrifically underwhelmed by both the Wisconsin Badgers (2-0) and the Green Bay Packers (1-0) so far.  Both have won so far, but not convincingly yet.  The Badgers  did play a good team Saturday, but this program needs to turn things around and start winning like they used to.  It will be interesting to see what happens at the end of the year if they repeat their 7-6 record or worse.  And you just knew the Packers wouldn't look as perfect as they did in the preseason, but I did expect more than needing a last minute drive to beat the Bears.  Defense always starts faster than offense, and it's very early yet.  I still have high hopes!

I stopped at Menard's on the way home today to get insulation (on sale with rebate!), and a hot water heater blanket (on sale!).  There is some insulating I want to do downstairs before it gets cold.  I got 4 rolls thinking that would be plenty, now I feel I better check again.  Anything that's left over I will just roll out in the attic.  There's alot of insulation up there, but sooner or later I have a feeling that will be a project as well.  We'll see this winter but my guess is we're okay.

Ace Frehley's album 'Anomaly' was released yesterday.  It was shipped to me about 1:00am yesterday morning, according to the email I received.  Of course, it will be a few days until I receive it.  I'm too cheap to get anything but the cheapest shipping option.  I have heard the whole album by now, and will have a post about it soon.  After I receive the CD proper, though.  (I may have a look at the new Kiss album then as well!)

Thanks for tuning in while I've been off!  I'd like to think that you care to check back on me!  I'll probably be back tomorrow evening.  There are things I have been wanting to post and write about.  For now, I'm out.

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