Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The New Ace Frehley and Kiss albums

Well, I've been thinking of what to say about both of these new albums. This sums it up: Both albums are exactly what I would have expected. That's not bad, mind you, I have been listening and liking them most of my life (Ace was always my fave). If you like them you should know by now, 35 years later. If not, you may not enjoy these new CDs.

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Ace Frehley 'Anomaly' fits right in with all his other albums, despite the 20 year gap. Kiss 'Sonic Boom' is much the same direction they were going in when they still put out studio albums regularly. I'm not a reviewer. There will be no song by song listing here, but some things did stand out. Mainly the sound of the Kiss album, specifically lead guitar.

Vinnie Vincent and the short-lived Mark St. John brought their own guitar styles to the band. Bruce Kulick played well, but sometimes it seemed like he played what Paul and Gene wanted him to play. But they were still putting out new music regularly then, so he got to write his own Kiss style, however generic overall. Tommy Thayer is paid to impersonate Ace Frehley. Plain and simple.

I have seen Kiss live 8-10? times (I'm not gonna think about it now), but I wouldn't go now. Ace Frehley, on the other hand, I have only seen once solo and would jump at that chance.

Here is Tommy Thayer imitating what Ace Frehley has done for 35 years- an embarassment, if you ask me.

And here's the real deal.

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