Saturday, September 26, 2009

Badgers Win, Dinner Plans, etc

The Badgers won! They lapsed late again, making the final score much closer than it should have been. Hopefully they'll learn from it.

It's Saturday afternoon and about all I've done is watch football. My wife has been busy all day and much of yesterday. A couple friends are coming over for dinner tonight and then we're going to go out for a little while. Mrs Scoakat says she's not doing much for dinner, but you know it'll be an impressive spread.

I have been thinking about what to write about Ace and Kiss' new albums, since I have been saying I'm gonna do a post on it. I still will, but I want to hear them more. My project last week at work kept me from my ipod all week, but I should be able to use it much more next week.

Now I think I'll go downstairs and put a blanket on our water heater. I bought it a while ago and need to do it anyway, but I feel guilty when my wife is running around and I'm not doing anything.

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