Sunday, September 27, 2009

Packers Win! and Absinthe last night

The Packers Won! As they should have. The Rams are regarded as one of the worst teams in the NFL right now, so that was a good game to bounce back after the loss to the Bengals last week. The worst part of the game was losing the video. With my service only that particular channel got stuck on one frame for almost an hour. From shortly after 1 o'clock until shortly after 2, from about 5 minutes left in the first half - through halftime - until about 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter I got only the sound and that same still frame of when it last showed video. I wanted to call and complain but I would only get a machine sending me in circles, I'm sure. I hope you got to see all the game (if you were watching).

So last night we had some friends over for a couple hours. I'd say it went pretty well except for one stubborn cork in the bottle of wine. It broke our corkscrew so we'll need to get another. Later, we all walked down to the local tavern to meet up with more friends. All was well, I had a couple of drinks by then. I noticed they had absinthe.

Now I've never before partaken of the green fairy. But I decided then that this was the night. I have heard many things about it, though. On the old Don and Mike Show they had a few 'absinthe shows' and got all loopy by the end. Then they would come in the next day to tell us what happened after the show. Mainly they just got real drunk off the absinthe.

I had the original absinthe with the wormwood and prepared traditionally. Overall I had three over the course of the night (at $7.50 a pop!). While it was a little different buzz, the fact that it was like 140 proof is what got me drunk. No great poems written. No artistic masterpieces painted. Just me, inebriated, walking home, saying our goodnights and settling in.

My wife went to bed very soon after getting home. I stayed up for a bit, still surprisingly lucid for what I had drunk. Then shortly after, while out for a smoke, I realized I needed to go to bed NOW. So I did. I got up, put out the smoke went in and shut everything off and went straight to bed.

This morning I got up around nine. I felt like hell for about a half hour, but after a shower I felt fine. I even mowed the lawn this morning for the first time in about a month. No rain = no growing = no mowing. Now, we have gotten record rain a few days ago (the first rain of September btw), rain since, and it is raining now. Feast or famine, I guess.


Anonymous said...

We haven't seen you guys since the green fairy. We're hoping you two would come out with T and us on Halloween! The plan is to eat and get primed at T's then go to the Hody. We could split a cab since we're practically neighbors.

Scoakat said...

Oops, sorry, I thought I responded.

Yes, that sounds like the plan for halloween. A cab there, too? We'll get a hold of you as it gets closer.