Thursday, September 10, 2009

Unique Stepfathers

A bit ago I left a comment on Uncle Bill's Canadian Blog. He was talking of putting together notes he has written over the years on raising his two stepdaughters. Into book form, I assume.

I know he is a good writer, I have read his blog(s) more on than off now for several years. When I went to explore the 'follow' button on his blog, that is how I got this blog (I had a wee bit to drink that night, too, as I recall). And I may not have had the confidence to do this if I hadn't read Bill's and several other's blogs over time. He offered his assistance right after I started, but I didn't want to be a bother. I don't do much here, and shouldn't.

Anyway, I left a comment on that particular post meant to encourage, and I think he was surprised. I used the word 'unique', but of course it is not unique to him at all! He lives it. So I hammered out a comment on his follow up post, then, well, thought about it.

A couple years ago one of by best buds from high school got married, now is stepfather to two children, I think. He lives quite a distance, though, and for several years now we have only spoken a few times a year, unfortunately.

My Sis has a guy now that she's really been wanting me to meet. She sounds very happy so eventually he may be a stepfather to my niece and nephew.

If(when?) my Mom gets married, I'LL have a stepfather!

2 possibles and 1 distant. So as of now it does seem pretty unique to me. I welcome those 2 possibles to make it more common in my life, though!

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