Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend Birdsongs, etc.

Saturday turned out as i predicted a few posts ago. Not a hectic day, just planned out, I guess. Before the concert we had dinner at a mexican restaurant about a half a block from the Overture Center. Bland. Not bad, just no spice at all. Even the salsa was more sweet than spicy.

This kind of concert was actually a first for me. It was held in a very nice venue with good sound. It was a sit-down concert. Everybody sat until the end of the show and waited for the last note before applauding at the end of every song. Of course, inbetween songs someone yelled 'freebird' once. Andrew Bird started solo for the first song then was joined by the band until towards the end, with a few more solo. I enjoyed the performance very much. My only disappointments are that I thought it was kind of short show, though I did not pay attention to actual start or finish times. And, unfortunately I did not hear my favorite Andrew Bird song, 'A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left.'

I'm not sure if any of you have watched the Andrew Bird videos that I have posted. If not that's okay. I think it's beautiful music, and it's my blog. ;P
I highly recommend watching this fascinating video of him set up in some huge church that I recently found online. Just him in the middle playing his music. That's a wall I'd like to be a fly on.

Badgers and Packers? Ehhh. I still feel the same as I did and see the same things you and everybody else does. But, what can you do? GO TEAMS!

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