Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunday Night Reviewed

Sunday night's show went as well as I expected.  There were three opening bands, with W.A.S.P. hitting the stage about 10:20 and playing until 11:40.  I got home about quarter past midnight and was in bed 20 minutes later but didn't fall asleep until well past 1:00 am.  My alarm went off at 5:00 am and I got up grudgingly and somehow stayed awake at work all day.

It was a shame to see them on that small stage. I don't think the club wasn't planned out very well.  Not for seeing live bands.  TV's (turned off) on the right were almost in the way and an odd corner jutting out on the left that the bass player had to watch out for.  After the first couple songs, Blackie stopped to apologize for half the show being out in the truck.  He told the Madison media that it was going to be the whole show setup but then found out someone lied to him about the stage size and ceiling height.  It didn't matter much to me, though.  They were there, they played well, and I enjoyed every minute.

I sat back at the bar (sipping my water) until right before W.A.S.P. started.  I had no intention of clawing my way all the way up front -I'm too old to do that anymore- but I found a nice space directly in front about 20 or so feet back from the stage.  It got crowded when they started playing but I had my spot. 

I was very surprised that I didn't see many familiar faces at all.  Only one, actually, and I knew he would be there because he was in one of the bands.  Mostly I was one of the older ones in the room, top 15 or 20%, I'd say.  I'm ashamed of my former metalhead brethren.  They all probably have their hair cut short and have 2 or 3 screaming kids and a nagging wife who they didn't even bother asking if they could go because they didn't want to listen to her bitch.  That's what I'm picturing in my mind anyway.  Losers.

No videos on Youtube from this particular show yet, but I did see many people recording.  For now, and since I'm just in the mood, here's a recent one that I will replace maybe if something is posted from Sunday night soon.  Oh, and the T-shirt I bought looks just like the one Blackie is wearing, #25.  It's my new favorite shirt!
W.A.S.P.  "The Idol"  March 5, 2010  Columbus, OH


Mom said...

Glad you had a good time!

delcatto said...

The vid takes an age to load...I need a new PC having just realised that this one is seven years old!
Glad you had a good time.

Scoakat said...

Thank you both. I did have alot of fun (for a sober Sunday night).
Sorry it takes so long to load for you, Del. Youtube vids load and play right away for me.