Monday, March 1, 2010

6 Days Until W.A.S.P.!!!!

Well, I made a random wish here Saturday night and an even better wish came true today!  I do like Faster Pussycat alot, but W.A.S.P. is easily in my top 5.  Here's what happened:

Despite everything else going on with our respective days, my wife and I decided to go to The Malt House after work, knowing that our friends Bridget and Zubin usually go there on Mondays.  They have tried to talk us into it in the past, yet Monday is not really our best day.  So we thought we would surprise them if we saw them.  We were on our last drink (my third, Mrs. S' second), when they arrived.  It's alway nice to see them and now it should happen more the warmer it gets.  After a while all three of them stepped out for a smoke, obviously (if you have been reading my blog) I stayed behind.  I started to thumb through this free music rag and there was the ad.  Wasp was going to be nearby in less than a week, next Sunday!   We left almost immediately after they came back in, although we would have left shortly anyway since we were done with drinks.  10 minutes later I was getting my ticket. 

This happened kind of like when I found out about Ace Frehley coming last year.  I don't know what I'm missing but I got to get in on the ground floor on this stuff instead of finding out this much later.  I think this was originally 'announced' in mid February.  I need to know this stuff as it happens.  It could mean missing out on something I would enjoy immensely.

Here is W.A.S.P. performing the new single "Crazy" less than 48 hours ago, Saturday night!

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