Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buzz Gets A Lift

Before (Friday)                                                                                      After (Monday)

Buzz Burbank took one for the team and got a facelift last Friday.  Dr. Bruce Freedman (plasurg.com) was the first sponsor of The Mike O'Meara Show podcast.  They had him on the show a few weeks ago and arranged for Buzz to get a facelift for the show.  He is the oldest and was almost eager to have it done.  The videos were posted yesterday for all to enjoy!  Part 1 is actually not too hard to watch, the bright light bleaches out most of the gore.  Part 2 is a little more graphic.

He is awake and chatty throughout, yet very drugged.  A little over 7 minutes into the first vid he discusses the same study that the Man Flu article I posted Sunday was based on.   Buzz, always the ladies man...

You can see part 2 here.  Visit TMOS homepage here to listen to Monday's 'Big Reveal!'

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