Sunday, June 12, 2011

Things Done... Today!

While we did get some things done yesterday, it was more the usual domestic chores that we did.  Today, with nicer weather, we knocked out some of the projects I listed.  It seemed a bit breezy so I won't get to spray painting the front handrails, but we weeded, removed grass, and added mulch to the area back by the lilac bush.  It actually looks better than I thought it would, it really makes the plants we have back there stand out more.  On the back side of the lilac is the corner we call the 'compost corner,' where we throw plant clippings, weeds, and other compostable  yard waste.  Eventually when we get or build an actual composter, I think we may move the compost corner to the other side of the back yard where it is less noticeable and plant other things behind the lilac.

We also added more mulch to the corner of the tree area where we replanted the peony from where our new back steps are.  It has grown well but will not bloom this year due to the Spring replanting we did.  In the Fall I think we will replant it again so it is more centered between the two hostas you see here.  When we did it earlier the hostas had barely started to come up so we didn't realize how close it actually was.  Besides that, we also water sealed the new back steps today.  It took probably an hour with the two of us working on it.  They aren't big steps but there was a lot of surface area to cover.  Depending on if it needs it, we may do that again in the Fall, before the inevitable snow and ice of Winter.

Aside from all that, we did some more planting in the garden so, again, I'll have another update over at our Garden Blog.  We tasted our first home grown strawberries today!  And before I forget, congrats to the Brewers who finished a sweep of the Cardinals today to take over first place in the NL Central!

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