Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cottonwood, Strawberries and... Summer!

Happy first day of Summer!  The cottonwood trees are sending their fluffy white nuisance crap everywhere again.  They fly in the air looking like snow, get into the garage and create what look like huge dust bunnies, cover every inch of the lawn and stick in every cobweb.  At least it only lasts a couple weeks.  I hear they are illegal to plant in Madison anymore because of all the mess they make.

Here, Kate is picking more strawberries.  This has become a daily job, as new berries are ripening constantly.  Unfortunately many of them are small, probably due to the weather and rainfall though we do try to water them on days that no rain is expected.  These are June-bearing strawberries, so there may only be a week or so more of picking to do.  Just as well.  If they were ever-bearing then I'm sure we would tire of them by late July or August!
One of my next projects, as long as my back allows, is to add a rail and gate to the front of the gardens.  The ones that are on the sides were an afterthought that I added basically just to help hold up the chicken wire (remember, I was kind of making it up as I went along).  A rail in front will do the same, and a proper gate will make it so much easier to enter the path in between the raised beds.  Last weekend I bought all the lumber and hardware to do this, so maybe this weekend if I have a chance.


Mom said...

Your gardens look wonderful. I'm sure you are enjoying those fresh strawberries, umm yum! Strawberry pie?!

Kel said...

Looks good! Hey, guess who has been practicing flying his helicopter?! Oh yeah, and he LOVES it! It is pretty cool, but I won't try it because I'm sure I would be the one to crash it. LOL!

Scoakat said...

Perhaps strawberry pie, right now we are accumulating bags of berries in the freezer.

Kel, I'm glad he likes it! I knew he could handle it without me.