Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Percocet, Please

And again, it has been days since I posted.  There must be something about the month of June.  Anyway, it has been a pretty normal week.  All I have to report is just medical stuff again, so brace yourself!

I had an appointment with my regular doctor yesterday.  The purpose of this visit was to get the ball rolling on my possible next back surgery because I just can't take the pain anymore, even with all the percocet I've been taking.  Physical therapy exercises have not worked and are now too painful to do effectively.  I await the hospital to call me to schedule an MRI soon, and the sooner the better.  Those results will most likely send me to see a surgeon, possibly the same one who operated on my neck at the end of March.  I fully expect to have to have the surgery again in the same spot as I did in 2000.  They did a partial discectomy then and now I may have to have the rest removed and have a fusion.  Back then it was my left leg that was getting the pain, now it is my right leg, the same leg I broke last August.  I still use the cane regularly, more when I'm out than when I'm at home, all because of the pain and tingling in that leg from the affected nerve in my lower back.  This would be the third surgery for me in less than a year.  Yippee Skippee.

I also got some news that could make my back seem trivial.  I'm not ready to mention that problem to anyone yet, but I will find out more next week.  I'm agnostic so I won't ask for your prayers, but I could use some good luck thrown my way for a change!


kel said...

That sucks about being in pain and looking at another surgery, but if it will help then it's worth it! And definitely good luck your way. We will try to come visit soon!

Mom said...

Sorry to hear your back is so bad again. You've had too much medical stuff lately. I will continue to pray that you get some relief. Love ya!

Scoakat said...

Thanks, and I didn't meant to worry anyone, I guess I can have a flair for the drama sometimes.