Sunday, May 1, 2011

What A Nice Weekend!

Even though Kate had to work yesterday morning she still managed to accomplish a whole lot this weekend, I got one or two things done as well.  Much of yesterday was her planting in the garden and yard while I got several small things done in the garage and basement.

Last night we had friends over, Jerome and Lisa plus Trisha and Adam. Two couples that for various reasons we had not seen socially in quite some time.  We started out with a few drinks here, then went out for steaks at a nearby family-owned restaurant, Brothers Three.  Kate and I have been there for lunch many times, even breakfast a few times, but we had never been there for dinner and wanted to try their steaks so we made a night of it.  Their steaks did not disappoint and I think everyone had a good time at the restaurant.  When we got back to our house after dinner I was pleased that we all sat in the porch and talked for a couple more hours.  No one seemed to want to rush off so I take that as they were having as much fun as us!

Today has been more of the same - planting, transplanting and doing small projects.  Nothing really big enough to discuss here but it feels nice to improve our home in any way we can.  As for the yardwork, planting and transplanting, well, most of the plants are not near fully in so there's not much to take photos of yet.  Hopefully we will have nice weather and the plants will look nice for our anniversary party in a couple of weeks.  There is still much we want to get done before we have all those friends and neighbors over.

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