Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hail Home Video

We've had our 'new' camera for quite some time now and the thought hit me this afternoon to try the video for the first time.

*I figured out that I felt poor due to a mild withdrawal from a certain medication (no narcotics or any fun stuff).  Knowing what it is and that I'm not going to come down with a severe cold or flu makes it easier to deal with.


kel said...

Good job on the video. We didn't get anything here at all. I'm sure today will be a different story. Hope u feel better!

Scoakat said...

Kelly, did you delete your comment here? Weird, I recieved notification of it but never saw it here, on the site. Blogger was down for about a day around then, though, so it must be lost in cyberspace... bummer.