Thursday, May 26, 2011

No, What Are YOU Doing?

I just looked up and it was Thursday.  It has been a pretty normal week, which is nice.  I tried to post the new U.D.O. videos earlier this week but blogger wouldn't let me embed them for some reason.  Maybe I'll try again later.  So, sorry, no real updates this week yet except for over at my garden blog.  That will be all for now.

I have an idea!  Why don't you tell me how your going to spend this upcoming long holiday weekend?  Taking the kids anywhere?  Kev, Kel?   Maybe a road trip to Madison?   Anyone else?  Tell us all how you plan on spending Memorial Day weekend in the comments!

Hmm, asking for outside input on my site.  Someone please respond?


Anonymous said...



J&L said...

we're at grandma's house. J and L

Mom said...

J & L here Fri night. We are going to a movie today. Sun we have Dan's grandson HS graduation. Relax Mon or wash windows. Come help?? Love you two!!

delcatto said...

Working all over the weekend. On call as well so I can't even have a quiet beer.

kel said...

I'm working too. Kids home now, L not feeling good, so laying low. Me too, sinus junk. Maybe Kung Fu Panda 2 if we feel better sometime in the next day or two. You guys have a great weekend!!

Lisa said...

Spend time with my grandma, margarita's with friends, dinner at Bonfire with Jerome and other friends, cookout with different friends, and Madison ski show. And endless possibilities on top of that.

Scoakat said...

Thank you for your comments, everyone!

Kevin: Sorry you have to work. Surely you have today(Monday) off, though!?

James and Lindsey: I hope you had fun at Grandma's house!

Mom: Hope you had fun with J and L. Good luck with the windows!

Delcatto: It's probably not a holiday over there, but thank you. I hope you have a holiday soon!

Kelly: I hope you all feel better, and again, surely you have today(Monday) off!?

Lisa: Holy cow! Do you ever use time off to relax? Have fun!