Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Catch-Up Notes

Happy Sunday morning!  While I wait for the dew on the grass to dry so I can mow (for only the second time so far), I may as well update a few medical things.  Thankfully these updates are becoming smaller and fewer.

~ I had my last physical therapy appointment for my leg last Thursday.  It was time.  I've been going since last fall and I feel like I've gotten all I can from it, now I just have to continue to concentrate on walking better and exercise - something I have been slacking off on of late.  The final knee bend was 125 degrees.  Only one degree better than 2 weeks ago, but a whole lot better than the 40 degrees when I started.  Of course, that may continue to improve without PT, but I have to face the fact that it may not.

~ Monday of last week I got the follow up call about the screw that broke loose in my neck.  It should not affect my healing, which is coming along normally, but they want me to wear a bone stimulating collar for four hours a day just in case.  They said a rep would be in touch and even come to my home to fit me with the collar but I haven't heard from anyone yet so I may have to call the doctor's office tomorrow.

~ My lower back sciatica has improved yet is still affecting me every waking moment, every step I take.  Still, as long as it is going in the right direction I can't complain - much.

Well, I hear someone else has started their mower so I think I'll go get started on the lawn before it gets too warm or stormy out there.  My Mom is stopping in for a visit early this afternoon, too, so there may be some last minute cleaning to do.


Anonymous said...

You should pay more attention to your wife whe she is sitting next to you with her iPhone.

Scoakat said...

Very funny, honey. And look! It did work, thankfully only once and not the 4 times you tried!