Monday, May 16, 2011

Our 10th Anniversary Party

While Wednesday is our 10th wedding anniversary, we had our party last Saturday.  The weather was not as agreeable as last year, but the few that showed up seemed to have a good time.  The temperature only got up to the mid 50s and, while it did not rain all day leading up to the 3 o'clock party, it had been sprinkling on and off by 5, followed by a pretty steady soft, cold rain after that.  While we may have had up to 20 people overall, the most at any one time was, I think, 14 people.  All huddled up in the garage, eating, drinking and talking while the rain continued outside.  Eventually we moved into the porch for warmth when we were down to a half dozen or so guests.  I had tried to clear as much space as possible and cover up as much of my junk as possible in the garage for the party but the porch was our backup space and as it got colder after dark more time was spent there.

We found it perfectly understandable that most of the neighbors did not come out this year, and we were thankful for our friends that did.  We missed Bridget, she's having her own fun in New Orleans (lucky her!).  She and Zuben will be leaving our side of town to move in to their own new house on the west side in about a month.  Also, I've just about had it with Terry's sister, Becky.  Every time she comes over she has something negative to say about our home.  Nothing big, just a good little jab here or there, and I'm sick of it.  Next time it happens I plan on calling her on it.  I finally met our new neighbors from 2 doors down, Jason and Erin if I remember right.  I think they're from England.  Or rather, I'm assuming from their accents and the fact that we saw that they held a royal wedding party a few weeks ago.  I talked to them each quite a bit at the party but I never got around to asking them about that.  I found each to be very nice and I hope we get to visit with them again soon, though.  Perhaps we'll invite them up for a cookout some time this summer. 

I don't want to continue and forget anybody so let me say a blanket Thank You to all who came over and helped celebrate our anniversary.  This was the second in two years, perhaps next year will be a 3rd Annual!  Anyway, we had a whole lot of fun and hope you did, too, thank you!  And to my wife, Kate, Happy Anniversary and I love you!

All the party pics after the break.  Again, I'm not in them, I'm taking them!


Lisa said...

The food was great and even the cold temps could not stop us from having fun. We'll be there next year for sure.

Scoakat said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, couldn't make it...had to work.


Scoakat said...

I was wondering if you would come... But like last year, I gotta be the host to all so I wouldn't have had much time to sit and talk.
It's pretty tiring throwing a party!