Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo And Notes

Happy Cinco De Mayonnaise!  First off let me say that I'm surprised I didn't get any smart-ass comments to my smart-ass last post.  Oh well, I thought it was funny and we all know it's all about me around here.  I just have a couple things to say today, a little of this, a little of that....

~My wife got an iPhone yesterday.  Her other cell phone was through her sister's family plan and they wanted to change so she had to get a phone of her own.  It is one of the older 3G models, whatever that's supposed to mean, and one of the lightest plans for it since she doesn't use it a whole bunch.  There's a lot an iPhone can do, though, so I hope she doesn't outgrow her plan anytime soon.  And no, I still don't want one yet.

~Our friend Lisa is having a birthday party tomorrow night.  Unfortunately it doesn't even start until 8 or 9, about the time we are getting ready for bed- even on Friday.  Yes, I am getting older, but now when we go out it usually starts around happy hour and we're home by 10 or so at the very latest.  When I was younger I used to be able to wait until later to go out and stay out but now, well, let's say I can't even remember when I was out even close to bartime.  So, sorry Lisa, I hope you have a great birthday!  We may not be the 'early bird special' type yet, but we're not twenty-somethings anymore either!

~If your sick of my medical woes then skip this paragraph.  I had a modified physical therapy appointment this afternoon.  I say modified because it is supposed to be for my leg but we spent a lot of time working on my back.  I can't take any anti-inflammatory medicines or steroids because it interferes with my bones healing, leg and neck.  So it lingers, for about 4 weeks now, since right after my neck surgery.  Every waking moment I am aware of the pain originating in my lower back and running down my healing right leg.  Eventually I will have enough and go to see my doctor, he'll refer me to another orthopaedist, I'll have another MRI followed by another surgery.  Sad to say, but that is how I see it playing out.  I'm just trying to put it off as long as I can.  Sucks to be me.  Btw, my knee bend increased from 122 degrees to 124 degrees.  Whoopee.

~Mother's Day is Sunday.  My mom and her newlywed husband, Dan, live about 90 minutes from us and I don't think I can handle the car ride so we will not be going this time.  We love you, Mom, but you know how I am when I'm ailing - I wouldn't be any fun at all after that car ride.  We do have much to do around here, anyway, with our own anniversary party coming up quick.  It's still a big list and there's only about a week left to try and get to everything.

That's about it until this weekend's Pic Dump.  Be good, everybody, and don't click anything that says it is pictures of a dead Osama!  Ta.


Mom said...

Thank you! So sorry your back is acting up again. I was hoping you could be pain free for awhile. Congrats on the 124 degrees!! Good work. Some day this will all be a distant memory. Hang in there! Love ya!

Scoakat said...

I hope I have the opportunity to look back on this as just a bad stretch for me. If my body was a car the 'lemon law' would be my only hope!