Monday, January 31, 2011

Mystery Shoveller And Traffic

The mystery shoveller has struck again!  It again snowed this morning starting about the time I left and ending sometime around noon.  When I got home a bit ago the whole walk, steps and driveway were shovelled, except for a small bit in the middle of the driveway.  I did not surprise anyone off, but there is some ice in that area so I wonder if the mystery shoveller slipped and said 'enough'.  I, oddly, talked to 4 different neighbors on the street when I got home and, of course, no one saw a thing.  Hmmm.  Well, there will be more snow in the next few days so I guess we'll see if it happens again!  I'd like to know who to thank!

In another odd happening lately, my traffic has jumped significantly lately to well over 30 hits a day average for this past week and a half.  Hi everyone!  Set a spell, take your shoes off.  Seriously, I get a lot of hits because of my pic dumps and as far as I can tell some popular site must have linked to the 'People In Animal Costumes' pic dump since that seems to have drawn the most attention lately.  Also, if you ever make it to the bottom of this page you will have noticed a few trackers in the right column.  Those were added early New Year's Day and are kind of neat, I think.

Well, thanks for visiting and if I find out who you are, mystery shoveller, you're going to get the biggest most heartfelt 'thank you' you've ever received!

*Update:  Today's shovelling was done by my father in law.  But he is still adamant that he did not do it the first time, and with more snow coming we'll see what happens!

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