Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard '11

If you haven't heard, much of the midwest and northeast have been pummelled with snow, ice and wind.  Our neighborhood is no different.  The snow and wind were nonstop last night and we awoke to the last snow showers and falling winds that became sunshine by midday.

Once more I must praise my wife for tackling this challenge with minimal help from me.  She really is wonderful, and will be not wonderfully sore after this.  This is looking towards the end of our driveway:
Before:  blinding white masses.

After:  some perspective now, eh?

Click for full size, or just click read more for these and some more before and after shovelling shots.

Now just some 'After' pics.  The walk will be finished in due course, a path is fine for now.

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