Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tuesday's X-Ray Follies

There's a funny story about those leg x-rays earlier this week.  Luckily, I was the first appointment of the day.  When they were ready for me they suggested I change into shorts but, just like last time, I convinced them to just let me pull my pants down around my ankles for the x-rays.  I told her how it is a big pain yet to get a shoe on my right foot and besides, I was wearing clean drawers and was not shy.

So I get all set on the x-ray table and she goes to turn on the machine. Now, you know how it shines a light with the crosshairs where they intend to take the picture?  The light bulb was burnt out.  I spent over a half hour laying on that table while they would take a picture, check it to see how it looked, then move the machine accordingly and try again.  All while stopping to make and get calls to see about fixing the bulb.  So most of the pics were not exactly centered well, but with all the pics they took they got everything covered.

Later in the exam room, the doctor finally came in and apologized for all the trouble.  A major backup was happening in the x-ray department (again, I'm glad I was first!).  They even had trouble with the computer program to view the x-rays so some of the pics he couldn't make screen size, like the one on the right in the earlier post.  I did notice, however, that half the pics showed my package plain as day.  Really, I don't think she had to take that many x-rays that high on my leg under any circumstances.  Maybe she liked it?  Hahaha.

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