Monday, January 24, 2011

A Brand New Car!

Well, brand new to me, anyway.  I traded in the truck this evening and bought a smaller used car, an SUV, actually, which is still technically a car, legally.  Got it?  I don't.  (Not the car pictured.  No real details will be posted here, I'm still keeping some semblance of anonymity.)  Way back when I bought my old truck (a bigger SUV) I really wanted this small SUV but just couldn't afford it.  I just liked the way it looked and the reputation of the company.  I've never really wanted a certain make/model when car shopping before.  Money was the number one factor in my mind most times.  I'm really not a car person, usually.  Anyway, Mrs. Scoakat has driven another model of this make for several years and we have had no major trouble, only maintenance.  Now, several years later I can afford a nice used one so I finally got what I originally wanted!  Yea Me!  And thanks to Mrs. S, without whom none of this would be possible!


Mom said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you could get what you wanted. Email and tell me all about it! Love ya!

delcatto said...

Ditto the congrats!
New wheels and dare I ask...Japanese? My little Suzuki is the bees knees although the seats are murder after travelling sixty miles.

Scoakat said...

Okay, I'll admit it. We are now a family of Toyotas, though our hearts are American-made!