Thursday, January 27, 2011

PT And A Mystery

Only gained a small amount of degrees of knee bend again this week, despite all my exercises and miles on the recumbent exercise bike downstairs.  Yet it is progress, no matter how slow.  I have gained strength in my damaged quad muscle yet I'm still hobbling around on my cane.  Shovelling snow now would be difficult for me, and perhaps not smart, but not impossible. 

This morning we received a couple inches of snow, starting with my morning commute and ending sometime before lunch.  Both my wife and I went to work all day and did not get home until this evening, yet when we arrived home we found the entire sidewalk, steps and the whole driveway shovelled.  Now, neighbor Dave would have used his snow blower, my wife's dad says he didn't come over and do it and neighbor Jane's sidewalk wasn't touched.  We can't think of any friends who, first, had the day off or, second, would be thoughtful enough to do something like this for us.  No offense to any, just saying that this isn't something most people would drive over to do, at least not for these few inches, but I may be mistaken. 
So, it seems we owe somebody a huge thanks for clearing all that snow for us, and actually doing a great job of it, too!  I'll let you know when/if the mystery gets solved!

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