Monday, January 17, 2011

Snowy Happy Monday

The drive home from work today took almost twice as long as normal due to the snow that continues to fall.  I heard 3 to 5 inches but that's what it looked like when I got home and it is still expected to continue snowing overnight.  My wife also arrived home safe but once again toils outside shovelling our walks and driveway.  She's been real good about it, though.  I tried shovelling on Saturday, that was much less and the real light fluffy stuff.  I managed to clear the front walk, the stoop and the sidewalk, using the shovel as my cane.  Eventually I had to go in and sit down because, while I am getting better with my right leg, my left leg is still holding up most of my weight and can do so only so long at a time.  Kate finished it for me in short order.

I feel bad that my wife has had to do so much that I used to do for us, but for a while now I've been able to do more and more and I'm sure I'll be able to return to full duties soon.  I would take a pic of the snow but it is already dark out.  Enough rambling, I should just grab my favorite sweater, sit in my rocker and shake my cane at the TV.  You damn kids!

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