Monday, November 22, 2010

Our New Computer Is Up and Running!

The new computer is all set up and running!  I have spent much of the last couple days, in between football games and sleep, trying to figure everything out... - I'm nowhere close to having this thing figured out yet.  I have successfully moved over all the files that we needed, got itunes up, running, and about a third filled, ipods successfully transferred as well.  I've been getting most of the programs I need and fine tuning the look of things to my liking.  Some minor issues are coming up, so there may be a few questions for Mr. Dan, though!  My mom's bf seems to be a good resource that I may use again (and again, and

Windows 7 Home Premium is interesting, a sleek new design with alot of bells and whistles.  All new stuff to figure out yet.  I downloaded Google Chrome since I used to use that, and liked it, a couple years ago after it was first released.  But not since I temporarily melted our last computer over 2 years ago (all was saved with pro help).  I haven't had a chance to even look at that yet though, so I'll stick with IE until I'm more comfortable with this machine.

All that and I have still made the time to keep up on most all my regularly read sites.   Speaking of,  see ya'!
P.S.  For the question of Thanksgiving, we will be staying in town and hosting Thanksgiving for friends, orphaned and not.  Thank you.

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