Friday, November 5, 2010

A New Computer, Therapy, And A Webcast

I just bought a new computer online to be delivered hopefully by the end of next week.  Earlier this week on Monday my Mom and Dan took a day off work to come up and see me and so Dan could give me some computer advice.  I felt guilty that they took a day off but they assured me that they had time they needed to use up.  By the time they got here I had pretty much decided that my hard drive may be starting to deteriorate and it may just be time for a new computer.  So that's pretty much what we talked about and looked at online.  I started by choosing a mid level computer and going through the options of what I need on it.  I have no idea what all that gobbledy-gook means so it was nice to have the assurance that I'm getting what should be a more than adequate machine for our needs.  Thank you, Dan!  I did make a few changes, mainly in the sale packages, to get the same thing plus an extra drive for about 30 bucks cheaper.

I had another physical therapy appointment yesterday afternoon.  Boy was I sore last night!  Though I did alot of exercises that he had given me to do I hadn't done as many in the past week because of discomfort in my leg.  I did  get to 48 degrees, though.  That's 8 more degrees than I could bend it 2 weeks ago.  Any progress is good I guess.  He said to just wait until I get to about 70 degrees then he can really start to work me over!

And lastly, happy Friday to all.  A great big thank you for everything to my wife, still holding our household together while I heal.  Tomorrow some socializing with friends and some relaxing.  Tonight I will be watching a CKY concert at the Rave in Milwaukee, live webcast here.  Have a nice weekend!

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Mom said...

It was great to see you Monday. Glad Dan could help. You didn't waste any time ordering a new computer! Good for you! Also glad work went well when you got back.
Tell Kate we're sorry we missed her.
Love to you both!