Monday, November 15, 2010

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

Well, I like to portray things as looking up more than they are, I guess.  Now that I cancelled my neck appointment the pain worsens.  I'm trying to find out from work when I can take off for more surgery without jeopardizing my job.  My leg is just not bending any further and I have been doing all of my exercises.  I tried getting in the truck but with my height and the non-bending knee I just can't fit yet, let alone drive.  A supervisor at work today asked me if I missed them.  I told her I missed them just as much as they missed me.  That's how little I think of them in that corporate-by-the-numbers workplace.  No one cares.

On the upside lately is that my wife bought a shower mat so I can now bathe myself by myself.  The new computer showed up Saturday afternoon (but still won't be hooked up until next weekend).  And my internet problem seems to be all fixed.

I'd trade all the good just to be pain-free for a change.  Thanks for listening.  Normal posting shall resume shortly.

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