Saturday, November 27, 2010


I feel that I have been neglecting this space lately.  I have been dealing with things in real life and have not been able to share those things effectively here.  I guess we all have our moments.  Time to clean house?

Our New Computer is all set up and running.  Even with OpenOffice we had trouble opening old files.  So we hooked up the old computer yesterday and moved what we wanted to Google Docs.  Done.  I still don't know why file types are always changing and never compatible.  I have finished moving all the music that I want into itunes.  Almost 12,000 songs!  That means almost 8000 audio files I have are either comedy, audiobook, or old radio shows saved for a day that may never come.  All I can think of now that is left to do is to find a long term antivirus solution.  I need to take a closer look at to find the actual free (not trial) version, but I'm still open to suggestions in the comments!

Physical Therapy is still weekly, except this coming week unless there is a cancellation.  I only gained 2 degrees at my last appointment, I was very disappointed.  I had been hoping to get off the crutches and walker very soon, but that looks like I was being too hopeful.  I was lectured a bit on what could happen if I try walking too soon and reminded that there is still bone filling in, I am not yet healed.  Rehab has it's ups and downs, and I'm in one of the downs right now.

For The Holiday, Kate went to her sister's house, I was left home with football and basketball games on TV.  More good football and basketball was on yesterday.  Today is another football day with the Badgers playing for a championship and possible Rose Bowl.  And tomorrow, Sunday, is Packers game day with the Badgers playing for their own tourney title in basketball on Sunday evening.  I love this time of year!
Tomorrow our house is the gathering place for food, friends and football.  Just good people, good food, good fun, good times, etc.  I don't expect anything out of the ordinary other than I may end up paying more attention to the football game than my wife would like.  It is the Packers, after all!

Winterization of the house and yard are finished.  A couple weeks ago I had a buddy help me by cleaning my gutters.  Kate and I managed a few details outside and in the garage.  But for the most part, my neighbor had an umemployed friend of her brother's help her clean up her yard last year and this year.  I saw him out last week and cut a deal to get my yard cleaned up for winter.  He was a real nice guy and he got all the leaves and dead plants cleaned up, lawn mowed, and everything removed.  I even got him to run and get me a new battery for my truck, which died since I haven't been able to drive it regularly.  It was worth the 80 dollars I paid him, I was pleased.  All that is left that I can think of, are a few more windows to cover in plastic for the winter.  I can manage that.

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