Thursday, November 18, 2010

65 Degrees

It would be nice if it was 65 degrees outside but it may be an anomaly if we see that again this year.

No, 65 degrees is how far my knee was able to bend at physical therapy earlier today.  That's 17 degrees more than 2 weeks ago.  The strength in lifting my leg in different ways has improved as well.  I wish the progress was faster but progress is progress after all.  Hopefully I'll learn more how I'm doing, well or slow, tomorrow; I have an appointment to see the orthopaedist for a checkup on my progress.  No matter how well or slow I am, I do know that I have 5 mores weekly therapy sessions scheduled and I'm pretty sure there will be more.

The first thing the therapist said when he came in was that he noticed I contacted the neurosurgeons office about my neck again.  They don't want do jump into another cortisone shot because the last one worked so poorly for me, so they started me on another round of a stronger oral steroid.  I started yesterday and the good news is that it seems to be helping.  Anyway, the therapist moved us to a different room with a traction machine to stretch out my neck.  so I let it pull on my head while he was working over my knee trying to stretch my quad and patellar tendons.  Those are the ones that are tight and not letting me bend my knee.  But enough.

I find myself having to rearrange my evenings now that I'm back to full time at work.  I don't get as much internet time so again, some things must be sacrificed.  Also why I'm planning the big computer switchover between 2:30 pm Saturday and Noon on Sunday (between the football games).  Mainly some of the inane sites that I visit for mindless entertainment will be put aside for slow times.... including that damn Bubble Shooter Game

I do apologize if you are sick of hearing about my injury, but that's what I do here: Write about me!

P.S. Don't spend too much time on that damn game!

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